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5 Steps to Connect Internet From Mobile to Windows PC

How to Connect Internet From Mobile to PC


It is the age of gadgets and with these gadgets coming handy with every member of the family having separate mobile phones, separate laptops, tablets and other such devices nobody is so rich to accommodate a separate internet connection for every device. Rather it increases your monthly budget only, but to have an active and speedy internet connection in a single gadget and use it with all the others, it proves to be times, saving as you don’t have to go to multiple offices so as to pay the bills and money saving as well. If you are having a multimedia mobile or a smart phone with yourself, you can easily manage to connect the data from it to your PC and it can be done as follows:-

How to Connect Internet From Mobile to Windows PC

Connect Internet From Mobile to Windows PC

1. PC Suite For Multimedia Handsets:-

In order to connect the mobile data to your personal computer, you will need to get a PC suite software for it. Simply reach the customer care unit of the specific mobile handset that you are using and ask them to give you the genuine PC suite software for your mobile handset. This software can be installed in your personal computer so as to get your mobile connected with your PC and then making some simple GPRS settings within your device, you will be easily able to access the internet data on your device.

2. Bluetooth Tethering For Smart Phones:-

If you don’t wish to go for a PC suite software and you have got a smart phone with yourself, you can choose to go for the Bluetooth tethering based approach for doing that. Simply go to the settings of your mobile, switch On the Bluetooth as well as Bluetooth tethering feature. Fix up a Bluetooth chip Via USB means to your PC and then connect both the Bluetooth together. Make right click at the Bluetooth icon at the lower right hand side of your computer screen and there will appear an option to make a personal area connection. Make a connection this way with your mobile and the mobile data will start operating in your personal computer this way.

3. Making A Wi-Fi Connection:-

If you have got a Wi-Fi enabled system with yourself, you can even choose to make connection via Wi-Fi directly from your mobile with your personal computer. After making the connection, the data from your mobile will be able to be accessed within your personal computer with just a single click entering the Wi-Fi password in it.

4. Data Cable Tethering:-

If you are using a smart phone, you may even choose to go for a hot spot based connection or a data cable tethering based connection as well. Some smart phones give you a feature to directly access the smart phone data into your personal computer by the means of a data cable.

5. SIM Card For Data Usage:-

You can even manage to have a SIM based dongle or data card that you can bring in use to make data connections. While in your handset this SIM card will provide the data to your phone and when removed and entered into the dongle, this will supply the data to your computer.


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