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How to Connect Android to MAC OS X

How to Connect Android to MAC OSX


If I ask you, can an android phone be connected to a MAC OSX? The answer will probably come to be a bit no from your side, but the two devices can be really connected with each other and that too with the help of an active internet connection. You can simply make the use of data cable or the charger cable that came along with your phone so as to connect both altogether or else you may even choose to go for the other options such as cloud storage or the wireless transmission over the applications like share it etc.

How to Connect Android to MAC OS X

How to Connect Android to MAC OS X

1. The Cable Connection:-

Talking about the cable connection, you will simply need to take the charger adapter cable out from your android phone’s charger and then connect it to the requisite U.S.B port. After the connection gets made, you will be able to join the other side with your android handset and you will get a menu over your smart phone that will depict you an option to go for the U.S.B mass sharing. This option can be bought in use for sharing the data between both, your android handset as well as the MAC device.

2. The Internet Based Connection:-

If you are using the cloud storage facility over your android handset that can be availed within your MAC device with the help of an active internet connection and for this purpose you will just need to open up the cloud account on the device where you need to make the exchange between. The stuff that is stored over the cloud will be accessible on both the devices this way and thus the connection will be made in a smart manner.

3. In Case There Is No Such Facility Availed:-

In case there is no such facility availed, you may choose to go for making a wireless connection over the hotspot in both the devices making the usage of file sharing applications like software data cable or share it etc. that can be downloaded from play store over the android device and can be downloaded on the MAC device as well. Now the exchange of files will take place in an ultra lightning fast way by these kinds of applications and thus these applications are also recommended.

4. Some Important Tips To be followed:-

If you are trying to connect the devices via Bluetooth, you may not succeed as much of the Apple devices are connected with apple devices only. Depending on the availability of applications, there may be many such applications that may prove to be beneficial for you in making the file transfer possible within both the gadgets.