How to Connect Android Phone to Television (5 Steps)

How to Connect Android Phone to TV

How to Connect Android Phone to Television


Android phones are getting too much popular these days, as these are the phones that are equipped with ultra smart features that make them a worth for all. Now just in the way that you connect your computer or laptop with the television screen, you can be able to connect the android mobile set to the television as well. For this purpose you just need to select the right kind of cable and get the requisite knowledge regarding the procedure to do the same and that can be achieved by you following the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Connect Android Phone to TV

How to Connect Android Phone to TV

1. Use of a Micro HDMI Cable:-

The use of a micro HDMI cable is made in order to make connection between a television set and an android phone. This cable can be obtained from any computer accessory outlet and can be bought in use for making connections between the android device as well as the television provided it supports the micro HDMI cable slot.

2. The MHL Way of Connection:-

There is another way of making connection between the android device as well as the television and this includes the usage of Mobile High- Definition Link or what you may recall as the MHL standard. MHL was released in 2010 and almost all the top most brands support this kind of making connections between the android as well as television device.

3. Choosing the Right Kind of Cable:-

In order to make a better kind of connection that works, make sure that you have chosen a right kind of wire and that wire suits the slot provided with the screen that you are making use of. In case there is no desired slot with your device, you may choose to bring home a port converter that can convert the port of one kind to the port of other kind to facilitate your job.

4. The System Is Simply Plug and play:-

The names of cables that I mentioned in the first two points are plug and play. They do not need any specific kind of software or driver to be installed within the either of devices and this is why we say that both the devices are plug and play. Simply plug them and the devices will get connected by themselves.

5. Avoid Making Hazards:-

There are various hazards that people report while making connections with the cables along with their android device and television set. First of all, look if your mobile does not get hot as because of the over usage of CPU, the mobile devices are likely to get heated much often and the second thing that you need to check is if the cables have been mounted properly or not. If there is some case of tempering related with some cable, it should be replaced.