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How to Conduct HIV Test at Home

How To HIV Test At Home


HIV or Human Immuno Virus is the virus of AIDS disease. If a test for HIV shows positive results, it means that you have become a victim of AIDS disease and you should adopt all the preventive measures not to allow this disease from spreading to anyone else physically or orally or in any other such way which causes this disease to be spread. If accidentally you came across a person with an HIV infection, you can still manage to check if HIV is present in your body by following these easy steps:-

How to Conduct HIV Test at Home

How to Conduct HIV Test at Home

1. Bring Home a Self-Test HIV Kit:-

If you reach any online/offline medical sales firm, you can look for the self-test HIV test kits available on these stores. This kit is available generally on all medical stores and it proves helpful when you wish to test yourself or someone else about HIV without even reaching any hospital or blood testing camp.

2. The Kinds of HIV Kits Available in the Market:-

There are many kinds of HIV self test kits available in market these days. One amongst these self-test kits is “KHB” which is bought in use for initial testing, the other is “STAT-PAK” which is bought in use as a confirmatory test and another one is “Uni-gold” which is bought in use as a tie breaker test against HIV. All these three self-test HIV kits are equally beneficial for every person. The test also can be performed within a very small amount of blood and result is also obtained very much quickly.

3. Three Kinds of Testing Approaches Followed:-

In an HIV test, we perform a test three times. One time we perform it to adjudge if the results are positive or negative. The second test proves to be a confirmatory one in which we double check the results and if the results in first and second experiment are same, we confirm the result to be true, but if the results vary with each other, we perform the test one more time in order to break the tie between results in both the experiments.

4. Elaborating the Each Test:-

While commencing the experiment for the first time, we physically follow the kit based instructions to adjudge if the result comes out to be positive or negative. If the result comes out to be positive, we go for a confirmatory test again. This test is used to confirm if the test of the first experiment was true or not. If there is a confusion created by results shown in first approach and second approach, we follow the experiment third time again to break the confusion.

5. HIV Negative or Positive:-

If you are HIV positive, the tests prove to be reactive with a kit that you bring into use. If they are non-reactive, you are supposed to be HIV negative. If all the tests confirm you to be HIV positive, you should immediately see your doctor. You need to make hustle or panic as it does not mean that you are going to die, but a great care and proper hospitality can keep you safeguarded as well.


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