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How Condiment Packets Are Made

How Condiment Packets Are Made


A condiment can be a spice, a sauce or any other food preparation that is added in order to impart flavor to a food recipe. We all know that anything kept with a lack of proper storage technique will meet rancidity and hence the stuff will become unfit for use.  A condiment can be a pickled food or ketchup or sauce. We can see such stuff packaged in many kinds of packets. This can be a single serving packet or a multi serving packet. Condiments are distributed in packets specially made and packaged for the same purpose. The process of making of condiment packets can be explained as follows:-

How Condiment Packets Are Made

How Condiment Packets Are Made

1. The Sachet Material is bought:-

Aluminum material coated with a layer of plastic is bought in use for making most of the condiment packets. The material can vary in the form of paper, foil or plastic film depending from packet to packet. The pizza seasoning based packets that we generally see are made up of paper while the sauce packets are made up of a mixed kind of material including both, foil as well as aluminum material.

2. The Machine Based trimming is done:-

Once after purchasing the packet making material, the material is trimmed according to desired length, breadth and height of the sachet. This is kept similar for each and every packet and generally these are trimmed with the help of machines which keep trimming the material for hundreds of sachets in a single time.

3. The Boundaries are sealed:-

The material is trimmed in such a way, that it is double its actual surface area. The length of packet is folded in order to seal it from the other side as well as bottom portion. Once the packet gets sealed from the bottom portion as well as back portion with electronic heating and fusing technique, the packet is able to carry condiment inside it.

4. The Condiment is filled:-

Once the packet gets sealed in order to become a pouch, we start filling condiment in each and every sachet. This is also done with the help of machines which keep on filling only a desired amount of condiment in each and every sachet. The amount of condiment in one sachet never exceeds the other.

5. Final Seal is made:-

Till this step, the base area and back portion have been sealed, but the upper part or the mouth portion of the condiment packet is still open. Here is the time to make a final seal, which is again done with the help of electronic fusing method. This method is generally adopted for single serving packet.

6. For Multi-Serving Packet:-

There is just one difference in single serving packet and multi-serving packet of condiment sachets and It is that single serving condiment packets never have a cap or an opener while the multi-serving condiment packets have an opening cap which can be bought in use to make the packet usable again and again. Multi-serving packets are comparatively larger in size and they can contain a comparatively large amount of condiment in them.


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