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Where do Common Vampire Bats Live

Where Do Vampire Bats Live


Vampire bats are the bats that feed on human blood.  These ones are unique amongst all mammals in such a way that these feeds on a prey by sucking its blood. Being the only mammals that can fly, bats prefer to live deep in caves or tunnels and mostly underground or try to cling down the tree branches in an upside down manner. Being relying entirely on blood, these mammals have a varied style of living and in order to understand their living habits, we have bought some living traits of these blood feeding mammals

Where do Common Vampire Bats Live

Where do Common Vampire Bats Live

1. Sleeping during the Day by the Roof of Caves:-

It is the general living habit of bats that they can’t see during the day and thus they prefer to keep sleeping during the day while keeping clung to the roof of caves. The more dark the cave is, the more is the possibility of finding bats there in it.

2. Lived In Colonies of Hundreds and Thousands:-

Another interesting thing about bats is that they prefer living in colonies of hundreds and thousands.  Most of the bats choose to stay being clung to something in a way upside down and this may include anything that is quite dark for them to reside in.

3. Start hunting At the Mid Part of Night:-

It is the general trait of bats that they don’t hunt during the day and obviously they can’t do that as they can’t see during the day. Bats go for hunting out in the open at the mid part of night as mid part of night is absolutely dark and thus bats get enough span to find their prey with the help of the natural qualities that they have in them.

4. Even the Trees in Wild:-

Bats can even be found clung to the branches of trees in the wild. The specialty of vampire bats is that they feed on animal’s blood. A bat would be blind during the day but the same bat would reach the stable of horses or cows and feed on their blood during the night.

5. The Old Cottages, Minaret and Mansions:-

Bats can even be found living in the cottages, minarets and mansions that have been closed since much time and are left unattended with nothing except darkness in them to favor their fortune. Regarding the vampire bats, these places are a perfect stay for these creatures.

6. You May Even Find These within the Old Structure Houses:-

If your house was made in an olden style with wooden logs carved making rooftops, you can easily come across a bat as the bats are even found clinging to the wooden logs of old style made houses as well. Concluding the talk, bats can be found living anywhere provided they get darkness and obviously loneliness for themselves.


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