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How to Commit the Perfect Murder and Get away with it

how to commit the perfect murder and get away with it


In order to commit a perfect murder, you should be a perfect murderer first. A perfect murderer is as cautious as a tiger, he is as cunning as a fox and he is as cruel as a hyena. People say that even a perfect murderer leaves some clue or proof against himself for sure and they also make a remark that hands of laws are longer than the hands of any criminal. It has rather been seen that if you have a perfect forensic knowledge, if you can work on a perfect plan and if you have all the guts of strategy making and proof hiding, you can commit a perfect murder for sure. Here are some ways in which a murderer becomes perfect.

how to commit the perfect murder and get away with it

How to Commit the Perfect Murder and Get away

1. Do Not Leave Any Sign of Your Identity at the Murder Place:-

First of all, let me tell you that most of the murderers get caught because they leave some signs of their identification at the murder place. This may include a ring, an identity card or any other such object or thing related to you. Even a cigar that you bring in use can sometimes be bought in use as evidence against you.

2. Be Cautious with the Approach of Murder:-

Be cautious with the approach of murder that you use. For example, if you use a revolver to kill someone with a bullet, you should never leave a single print of your fingers on that revolver. It should be picked up with a handkerchief instead of picking it up directly in the hands. Secondly, the blood drops should never be allowed to touch your clothes.

3. The Finger Prints and Blood Prints:-

There is an awesome fact about fingerprints. Each and every individual has got a different print of fingers and even if you think that there is no record of your fingers available with the government, let me tell you that identity cards like aadhar card etc. always carry impressions of your fingers and even if a single official puts you in the circle of suspicion, they will for sure take prints of your fingers as a part of the investigation.

4. Way of Making Murder:-

Way of murder making also counts in this direction. For example, if you throw a dead body from top floor of a building, making the soon look like the concerned person was trying to commit a suicide, you should keep in mind the angle of elevation as well as angle of depression from trigonometry chapter of your tenth class standard mathematics book as these angles can be bought in use to adjudge the angle of fall of a body from top floor describing the actual way of murder scene telling if it was a suicide or an actual murder.

5. Your Expressions and Words as a Suspect:-

If officials start interrogating you, even the slightest amount of sweat on your forehead can be taken forward as a proof against you. Forensic tests on the other hand prove to tighten the grip of law around your neck to bring you behind the bars and thus all such options should be double considered in advance. In order to become a perfect murderer you should be able to think like a professional murderer as well as a professional cop, both at the same time.


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