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How Comedians Become Public Intellectuals

How Comedians Become Public Intellectuals


A public intellectual is a person who holds a well-known position in the society and is intelligent as well as learned and contributes either by writing or by speaking for the cultural as well as academic purposes bringing about a kind of awareness in the society. Comedians are the people with a great sense of humor and generally these ones hold a well-known position in society because of the way they can make you laugh in minutes and if you are a globally exposed or nationally exposed comedian, you can really bring about a revolution and become a public intellectual and that can be explained as follows:-

How Comedians Become Public Intellectuals

How Comedians Become Public Intellectuals

1. Even the Smartest of Orators Has Got Something Boring In Him:-

True is when I say that even the smartest of orators have got something boring in them and as it is the human nature that we pay heed only to the talks that appear to be quite interesting and entertaining, some of the orators might not be able to derive the attention of their audience while if the audience knows that they will come across a comedian, all of them will stay awake even in the serious issues as they will await something interesting to come from the other side.

2. The Way You Make Contact with People Counts:-

The way you make a contact with public always counts and the comedians have got every sort of such freedom in their acts and thus they get able to reveal even the most serious of issues to the public in a smiling manner making them stay entertained besides making them get acknowledged.

3. People like Being Entertained besides Getting Acknowledged:-

As I told you earlier that it is the nature of public to seek entertainment in everything, comedians prove to be the best public intellectuals because of this reason as one time they will get sad, the other time they will speak something that makes you laugh. There is no foundation and this is why they are able to convey their message in a better way unlike the orators.

4. The Good Connections:-

The better connections you make with public, the better you get in public dealing and according to my personal experience, comedians are true public intellectuals in a way that they develop a kind of relationship with their audience in no time that proves to fortify their position while dealing with people and make them acknowledged with something.

5. The Way of Telling a Story with Moral:-

The comedians are basically the devils that can prove to be an angel sometimes when they need to convey some message. I have seen the comedians like Kapil Sharma getting too much involved in a story that they will keep on making people laugh during the entire episode and then in end they will reveal a kind of message that proves to have an impact on the audience as well and thus you can say that comedians can become public intellectuals to the best if they know storytelling and performing acts with a story that has got a moral with it.


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