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Why Cold Drinks Are Bad For Your Health

Why Cold Drinks Are Bad For Your health


Cold Drink” or a drink, which is served cold, this term is often bought in use to refer to the name of a drink that typically contains carbonated water added with sweeteners and preservatives. The artificial flavoring is also added in order to provide variations of taste and the drink is then stored under refrigeration to make it taste better. Such drinks may also be rich in content of caffeine, fruit pulp and other such ingredients. In many studies, such drinks have been reported with harmful effects to human health. Some of such harmful effects that such drinks result for humans can be explained as follows:-

Why Cold Drinks Are Bad For health

Why Cold Drinks Are Bad For Health

1. The Presence of Preservatives and Artificial Flavors:-

Often these drinks are added with preservatives and artificial flavors which spoil human health. For example, Presence of caffeine, sugar and aspartame in sweetened soft drinks has been linked with many health issues including addiction, diabetes etc. No-one amongst us would like to be a patient of diabetes and thus such drinks are considered bad for health.

2. Such Drinks Often Result In Kidney Failure:-

The artificial sweeteners added in a soft drink are often found associated with failure of the kidneys. Some of such drinks are also accompanied with a decrease of metabolism as well as other such problems. Now, as kidney is a human organ which is linked with the purification system, we can’t compromise with the health of our kidneys as well.

3. Result in Making You Obese:-

Such drinks are proven to destroy the fat burning enzymes. Fat burning enzymes help in reduction of the extra fats present in our body and when there is no such fat burning enzyme present in our body, the fats keep on getting piled up layer by layer and we are more likely to fall a prey to obesity.

4. Damage to Your Heart:-

Cold drinks are rather havoc to your heart as well. Those who already experience heart problems are likely to get their heart even more prone to weakness by drinking such drinks. According to another factual description, a cold drink is as poisonous as drinking a toilet cleaner and thus you should stop consuming such drinks.

5. Result in Tooth Decay and Damage:-

Such drinks contain the content of sugar and added flavors, which gets stuck inside the mouth of an individual mostly in between the space of your teeth and makes them experience tooth decay. Though tooth enamel is one of the hardest substances/layers of your body, but once your tooth enamel starts getting weak, you are most likely to experience damage and loss to your teeth.

6. Rich in Chemical Content and Are often contaminated:-

Most of such drinks are rich in the content of chemicals. This chemical content can be dangerous for your body if it is present in extra amount in a drink. Moreover, the content of caffeine is also not advised to be taken in a large amount. Besides this, there are many cases of usage of contaminated water reported by some local companies producing such drinks and thus you can’t even trust a particular brand these days.


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