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How to be Clever and Sharp Minded

How to Be Clever


A clever person is the one who knows how to deal with every kind of circumstances and has got both the guts as well as the qualities to combat it in a favorable way. The clever people are able to take the most out of other people as they know how to get their work done without even paying for it and thus it is good to be clever.

A hyper person will turn out red over a single thing and start beating the other person while a clever person will stay calm even in the adverse circumstances and try out to sort out the situation in a mature way trying to take out the advantage of others weaknesses and thus it is better to be clever but cleverness is not what we are born with and instead we need to inculcate it after coming into this world only. In case you feel to get clever, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

How to be Clever and Sharp Minded

How to be Clever and Sharp Minded

1. Follow The People You Think To Be Clever:-

Someone has rightly said that one becomes exactly like the company he stays with and same is in your case if you need to get clever. Try following the people that you take to be clever. This will make you spend some time with them and learn their ways of dealing with people. Try ignoring their worse traits and go for the good ones.

2. Try Dealing with Them Using Brain:-

You do not simply need to stay with the clever people, but also deal with them cleverly. It has been truly said that the clever people act like slow poison, they will never abuse or make quarrels with you, but instead will use you for their works speaking in really a polite way and thus if you can learn dealing with such people, you can surely get clever with the passing time.

3. Inculcate everything that you learn and Use It with Life:-

Now just dealing is enough, but try learning every new thing that you like about people while dealing with others. The people that you meet in your daily life can teach you a lot and thus there is a great need to inculcate everything that you learn from people to use it with your life.

4. Stay Calm and Polite:-

Try staying calm and polite as someone has rightly said that the ones who use bad words always stay at a loss. Try making good contacts with people and never let your links get spoiled because of your words. Everybody should feel like you are their friend and thus they will get ready to do anything for you in case they start taking you as their well wisher.

5. Follow the Fox’s Strategy:-

Have you heard about the fox’s strategy? She is called the cleverest animal in the jungle as she can, even befool the lions and other predators. Try adopting her strategies of life to be clever. Be ready with an instant and mature solution for everything and learn even more with each coming day as this can really make you clever.


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