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How to Clear Police Verification for Passport

How to Clear Police Verification for Passport


Sometimes when you move from one place to another place, you need police verification for your passport. Actually, when the passport verification is not clear, the police authorities send a report to the passport authority and thus you are sent with a message that your police verification for a passport is not clear. This generally happens when you either apply for a new passport or the Regional Passport Office finds some impediment in your case. In order to clear police verification for a passport, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Clear Police Verification for Passport

How to Clear Police Verification for Passport

1. Visit the Regional Passport Office:-

With every specific region, there is a specific Regional Passport Office and even the middlemen/ cyber café owners who assure you that they will make your job done in exchange of some money also reach this office only. You can manage to search for the address of regional passport office in your area over the internet and you can reach the office in order to talk with the concerned officials.

2. If Spouse Name Is Endorsed:-

If spouse name is already endorsed, all what you will need is to carry a passport copy of your parents or hubby. This passport is a proof of endorsement and you won’t have to go for the police verification if you show your parental/hubby’s passport to the regional passport office. Your parental passport is a proof that you belong to them and as police verification had been conducted while your parents/husband applied for a passport, you will be saved from much of such formalities. In some of the cases, you might also require to carry a marriage certificate as a proof to safeguard yourself against such formalities.

3. If Your Parents Have Expired:-

If your parents have expired and this puts you at a drawback in terms of getting passport for yourself, I will advise you to take a proof of DOB, present address, a declaration by the guardian, attested photocopy of the old parental passport and other such documents to the regional passport office and they will confirm the verification made.

4. Police Verification Is Done At Both Your Addresses:-

If you have specified two addresses within the passport form say. Permanent address and temporary address, the police verification process includes both these addresses to be verified. If one of these places fails to be verified, your police verification is always described as incomplete.

5. Tatkaal Scheme or Pension Payment Order for Instant Passport Issue:-

If you are an old aged person/retired person, you can apply for the post payment verification by applying for passport under the tatkaal scheme or pension payment order. This makes the passport authorities issue you a passport instantly and the verification is made afterwards.

6. Just be physically present:-

In order to clear police verification for a passport, all what you have to do is to be physically present at the site what you have mentioned as your address. A police official/messenger arrives at this address in order to verify if this address actually belongs to you and then the verification is shown cleared by you in files of Regional Passport Office.


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