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How to Clear Facebook Search History

How to Clear Facebook Search History


Facebook is a social networking website that connects people from all over the globe and it can be used to search for any name from your life that is supposed to be there on this social networking platform and for this purpose there is a dedicated search field provided on the top of the Facebook home page which can be bought in use to enter the name of the individual whom you wish to search for and the search results would be depicted to you. A partial trace of your search results is stored by this search field in order to make you have better searching experience what we regard as the search history and in order to clear that search history, the steps that we are mentioning here can be followed.

How to Clear Facebook Search History

How to Clear Facebook Search History

1. Log In To the Facebook Application:-

In order to clear Facebook search history, you will first of all need to either log in to the Facebook website, which is or if it is a mobile device you can enter or you may even use the mobile application for doing so if you are using a smart phone.

2. Reach the Search Field provided At the Top:-

After you have made a sign-in with your username and password, you would just be required to reach the search field provided at the top. It would have an option to edit the search history as well as the saved search results out of which you can see the results you had searched for the last time.

3. Click the Edit Option:-

Now, as I told you earlier, there is an option to edit the search history with Facebook, you would be required to click the edit option afterwards and after the edit option gets clicked, you would be able to make the changes that you desire. Simply make a click and a kind of menu will appear on screen.

4. The Search Activity Log gets opened:-

After the edit options get clicked, a kind of menu will get opened which will be your activity log. This would display all the search results that you had previously searched for. Simply look for the searched people and decide what changes you are to make with the search results.

5. Clearing the Individual Search Result:-

In case you simply wish to clear an individual from search history, you may click on the cross or “x” mark in front of his or her name and the name would get cleared from the Facebook search history. You can repeat the approach with every individual name that you wish to clear from your search results.

6. “Clear Searches” Option To Clear All The Results In One Go:-

Some people may seek to clear all the results that are shown in the search activity log and for this purpose Facebook provides a dedicated option to clear all the searches in one go and it is the “clear searches” option clicking which all the people that you had made a search for will get disappeared from the search field.


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