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How to Clear Data Usage in Android

How to Clear Data Usage in Android


Reaching the settings section of an android phone, there is a dedicated option to look for the data usage within a specific device and this data usage menu option tells you about how much the data has been used by the various applications and options in your Android device. In order to monitor the data usage once again in future, you need to clear the data usage once and then start monitoring once again. In order to get the data usage cleared, you may choose to go for the ways that we are mentioning here.

How to Clear Data Usage in Android

How to Clear Data Usage in Android

1. Switch the Data On:-

In order to clear the data usage in your android device, you will first of all need to switch on the data as the most of changes with data usage can be made only when you have switched the data on and data is enabled with the system. After the data gets switched on, you would be required to reach the data usage option.

2. Click on the “Set Mobile Data” Check Box:-

After you have reached the data usage menu, you will see the data usage, speed as well as upload and download speed. Below this, there would be an option to set the mobile data limit and it would have a checkbox along with it making a click on which you will be able to set the mobile data.

3. Click on the Data Usage Cycle Option:-

After you have checked the checkbox, you would be needed to click on the data usage cycle option clicking which you would be able to set the span for data usage. The option would depict you the data usage span that you are now to make changes with.

4. Set the Date to Current Date:-

Within the same data usage cycle option, you would be required to set the data usage cycle to current date. This should be the same as what is the date in your calendar for today. After the date gets set to current date, the data usage would automatically be reset and it would get cleared as well.

5. The Data Would Get Reset:-

Every time you wish to reset the data, you may choose to go for the same approach. Simply set the date to current date and you would get sorted. You may even choose to clear the data of each application separately or factory reset the device in order to clear it as well, but factory reset takes time and deletes all the data that you have in your phone including the contacts as well as the other files and thus you should go for the data cycle change approach being your first priority.


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