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How to I Clear Cookies on My Computer

How to Clear Cookies?


Cookies are the ones that remember the data stored by you on various websites. There is a dedicated setting with every browser to clear the cookies. In order to have privacy ensured within the system, these cookies need to be cleared often after a regular interval and thus to ensure maximum web browsing privacy you may seek to go for the ways that can make you delete the cookies in your gadget. In order to clear cookies within your device, you may choose to go for the ways that we are mentioning here.

How to I Clear Cookies on My Computer

How to Clear Cookies on My Computer?

1. Reach the Control Panel and Look for the Internet Options:-

In order to clear cookies within a computer, simply click on the start button and reach the control panel. Control panel is a place where the control of entire computer system lies and thus here you can do the jobs like un-installing the applications, clearing the cookies, dealing with the network sharing etc. Simply reach the control panel and make a click over the internet options and you would be displayed with a submenu.

2. Go To the General Tab and Delete the Cookies:-

After you have opened the internet options submenu, you would get the options like ‘Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords etc. Our job is to tell you how to delete cookies and thus from these options only we have to click over the cookies and delete them.

3. The Simple Mobile Device Based Cookies Deletion:-

In most of the simple mobile devices that do not have any android or windows operating system, but operate on java or normal simply mobile software, you may simply find a single browser in such phones opening which you would find the settings option where to delete cookies will be a dedicated option using which the cookies can be cleared.

4. The Smart Phone Based Cookies Deletion:-

In case of smart phones, you may delete cookies using some device cleaner software or even simply by opening the browsers one by one and reaching their settings individually and making a click over the delete cookies option. You may even find some of the cookies based folders created on the memory card itself. Simply delete them if you find such folders created within the device’s memory unit.

5. System Based Cookies Deletion:-

In case you wish to delete cookies within your web browser installed in the system, it depends from browser to browser where you will find the cookies, but most of the computer operated browsers also have got the cookies within the browser settings only. Simply clear the cookies reaching the browser settings and you will get sorted.


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