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How to Clean your Stomach during Pregnancy

How to Clean Stomach during Pregnancy


During pregnancy, you stay on bed rest for much time. This makes your body prone to deposition of dirt and dead cells. This also brings about the changes with hormones and structure of the body.  A number of noticeable changes are observed by a woman during this stage and most of these changes occur with the tone of the body. In order to have a clean stomach in all respects during pregnancy, you should consider your skin care routine once again and you should add the following approaches to your lifestyle in order to clean your stomach.

How to Clean your Stomach during Pregnancy

How to Clean your Stomach during Pregnancy

1. Treat the Stretch Marks:-

Cocoa butter is simply the best approach against stomach pregnancy marks which we often address by the name “Stretch Marks “. During stretch marks, a form of scarring of skin takes place and women can recognize this scarring by its color which is off hue. Rapid stretching of the skin causes this problem. Though no approach can make these marks vanished, but you can use cocoa butter in order to make them get diminished in tone or color. Cocoa butter also proves to be an ideal substitute for the treatment of skin blemishes as well.

2. Treatment of Hyper pigmentation:-

Hyper pigmentation can make your skin experience dark spots problem. The Increased amount of melanin in your body is the most probable reason for this. Development of dark patches on the skin can be reduced by massaging your skin portion daily with lemon juice as lemon juice is the best natural cleanser.

3. Use Only Oil Free Products:-

You can also use cosmetic products in order to clean your stomach against pregnancy based effects, but you should keep in mind that these products should be oil free. Oily products used on the skin attract dead cells and dirt which proves to make your stomach look more unclean instead of cleaning it.

4. Coconut oil massage:-

In order to make stretch marks and pigmentation get reduced with time, you can massage your stomach with coconut oil once or twice a week. The stretch mark gets diminished this way and you can easily hide the rest of effects using mild make-up.

5. Sponge bath:-

The four points mentioned by us before can be bought into use only once your baby has taken birth as these are the marks for which you need to take care about once you get discharged from the hospital, but even during your stage of getting pregnant, if someone is residing with you in the hospital, they can clean off your stomach with a sponge or cotton dipped in water.

Remember to ask for a doctor’s permission before doing this as some hospitals themselves do all such things and do not allow you to do this.

6. White vinegar or baking soda:-

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda in low proportions can also be applied to the skin in order to clean the stomach. This was for the outer beauty of your stomach. In order to clean your stomach from inside, start drinking carrot juice or get some supplement recommended by your doctor for this purpose.


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