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How to Clean your Room as Fast as Possible

How to Clean your Room Fast


Your room is perhaps the half of your world and perhaps a world where half of your experiments get accomplished. To have a separate room is easy, but it is always tough to manage proper cleanliness in it in a way that during our day to day lives, all the things get messed up in our rooms and thus in order to clean your room, you just need to follow some simple steps that I am mentioning here in this article.

How to Clean your Room as Fast as Possible (6 Steps)

How to Clean your Room as Fast as Possible

1. Clean up the wardrobe:-

You can start cleaning up your room by beginning with the wardrobe. Take all the worn out and dirty clothes out from it and put them in the washing machine. Now put all the clean clothes properly in the hangers and keep all the other items at their proper places.

2. Clean up the spider web:-

There must be some spider webs in your room? Start by cleaning up the webs on your fan and then the top of your almirah, your ceiling and the corners of your room as well as behind the table, bed and other furniture.

3. Clean up the Appliances:-

Now when you have cleaned all the webs, you can choose to clean up the rest of appliances. Clean up the table lamp, your table your bed and all the other appliances. Take off the bed sheet and pillow cover and throw them in your washing machine for cleaning.

4. Manage up the study table:-

After all the appliances get clean, go for the dusting of your study table. Arrange all the books in their proper places. Put the lamp at proper place. Clean all the drawers and clean up the rest of table body. You can use any good stain remover in order to do so.

5. Throw the dirty clothes in washing machine:-

Yeah, as I told you, every dirty washable thing like curtains, bed sheets, dirty clothes, table cover etc need to be taken out and thrown up in the washing machine. Fill it with detergent and set the timer so that the clothes get washed in the mean time.

6. Broom and mop the floor:-

Now when all the internal stuff got clean, why to leave the dust on floor? Go for the manual dirt removal using a broom and then mop the floor with water. The room will get as good as new. You can lay up the bed sheets again when they get dried out after washing and same you can do with the curtains.


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