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How to Clean your Computer for Better Performance

How to Clean your Computer


Computer can be described as an electronic device that is basically a combination of various other devices. Kept at a single place for a large time, this electronic device comes across dirt and webs and various pests that seek to make their home in the empty space of its cabinet that makes us feel worried about the cleanliness approaches that can help you get rid of this accumulated dirt and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you do so in a proper way.

How to Clean your Computer for Better Performance (6 Steps)

Clean your Computer for Better Performance

1. Cleaning up the display:-

You might have any type of display with your computer. Let it be a TFT or LCD/LED or even a CRT. you will first of all need a stain remover that you can purchase from any car accessories shop and you can clean your display sprinkling this stain remover on the display and removing the dirt with cloth.

2. Cleaning up the keyboard & mouse:-

The 2nd thing that your computer would have is a mouse and a keyboard. You have to take a dry cloth and remove the dirt that has deposited on these devices with time. You can even go for the other approaches like dusting etc.

3. Cleaning up the CPU from outside:-

Your computer must also have a CPU or what we call a Central Processing Unit. It contains the basic Ram, Hard disk, power unit, C.D/DVD etc. You can choose to remove the stains from it cabinet using a good stain remover and cloth and then you may put it in a plastic cover after that.

4. Cleaning up CPU from inside:-

If you need to go for the further cleaning approaches, you can open up the cabinet cover and go for the removal of inner dust using air blower and you may even choose to change broken or tempered wirings as well. You can choose to take the RAM out and clean it with some cloth and put it back again at the proper place. Remember to put up the cover and nuts back at the proper place while doing so.

5. Cleaning up the internal trash:-

Now when all the dust has been removed, You can choose to clear up the internal trash. Just press window button + R and enter the keywords like “prefect”, “temp”, “%temp%”, tree” etc in it. It will show you up all the trash and you can delete that by pressing control key + A + delete key.

6. Approaches for added shine:-

You can choose to go for the added cleanliness approaches like putting a cover over each unit after cleaning up outer cabinet of each device with stain remover as well as the added shine providers like car polish or you may even use some odourless gel in order to enhance the shine of your device. The overall approach just involves cleaning without damaging the device. You should remember to avoid usage of water while doing this. At last, you need to clean up the wirings and power cables and that too can be done using a dry cloth and stain remover.


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