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How to Clean Suede Shoes and Boots

How to Clean Suede Shoes


The suede shoes are a kind of shoes made from the suede material. These ones are often prone to the scratches because of wear and tear caused with time and often are vulnerable to the stains as well. With the increasing usage of these shoes within the metropolitan cities, there comes a need to look for the proper cleanliness approaches to go for the maintenance of these shoes and in case you need to go for the cleaning of these shoes, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Clean Suede Shoes and Boots

How to Clean Suede Shoes and Boots

1. Bring Home A Suede Cleaning Kit:-

There is a kind of special suede cleaning kit available in the markets these days that you may find available on all the leading marts and retail stores. Simply bring it home and use this kit for the purpose of cleaning your suede shoes. This will make you get them better cleaned and in a proper way.

2. Beat the Pair against Each Other:-

There is much dirt and dust that gets accumulated over the shoes if they are kept at the same place for a period of time. You are advised to beat the pair against each other to make the dust get detached and get removed easily out of beating and the dirt can then be washed off from the shoes.

3. Remove the Dirt with Brush:-

Now, regarding the dirt which is still left after the dust gets removed, sprinkle some water over the shoes and then layer some soap solution over the outer area of the shoes. Now use a brush in a gentle way for the micelle formation to take place and even the dirt will get removed from them.

4. Eraser for Stubborn Marks:-

There may be some stubborn marks left on the shoes that have resulted because of the scratching or children moving up their pencils over the shoes in a playful way. You may choose to use an eraser against these stubborn marks to clean them off in a favorable way.

5. Make Wet from the Outside for A Better Cleaning:-

Try making the shoes wet from outside for a better cleaning approach. In case the shoes are extra stained out of wear and tear with time, you may choose to dip them in detergent solution for a while and then keep them, for water to get evaporated. The shoes will get as good as new this way.

6. Sponge Based Cleaning For Better Results:-

In some of the cases where there is an excess of mud accumulated over the shoes, you may choose to clean and clear it off with the help of some sponge based cleaning approach followed in a favorable way. The shoes cleaned this way look really presentable after the cleaning approach has been made.


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