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How to Clean Out Your Computer and Make it Faster

How to Cleanout your Computer


The place that computers have taken in our lives over a short period of time can’t be ignored as in the contemporary world, there is no job that can be thought to be possible without making use of computers from surfing on the internet and chatting with friends to do some data handling job work in the office suite software installed on your device. The better graphics and better screen resolution make this device an ultra-smart device to have and when the ultra-modern computers that are equipped with ultra-lightning fast RAM chips installed in them are bought in use, the downloading speed gets enhanced and even the multiple operation capability of the system gets enhanced as well. In case you need to clean your computer, try out the tips that we have bought here for you.

How to Clean Out Your Computer and Make it Faster

How to Clean Out Your Computer

1. Go for the Physical Dusting:-

In order to clean your computer, you will first of all need to go for the dusting of it with a piece of clean cotton cloth. Simply go for the dusting and then wipe it off with the clean cloth to make it as good as new. This includes the screen, the outer portion of the cabinet and the attached accessories.

2. Try out the Glass cleaner For the Computer Screen:-

In order to clean the computer screen in such a way that it starts shining, you may choose to make use of some glass cleaner. This will follow you to wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth which will leave the glass screen shine like new. You may then choose to cover the computer screen with some clean screen cover.

3. Open Up the CPU Cabinet, Take the RAM Out and Clean It:-

After the continuous use over a period of time, the C.P.U is likely to have some dirt accumulated in it, inside the body out of the pores that the manufacturers have made in its cabinet for the fan. You may thus choose to open up the C.P.U cabinet first and then wipe off the inner body with the help of some spare brush and a piece of dry cotton cloth. Take the RAM out, clean it with some clean cotton ball and then position it back.

4. Clean Up The Rest of Dirt Deposited In The Cabinet:-

After the C.P.U gets cleaned from inside, you will need to assemble it back and then clean up  the devices attached to it which you may again do with the help of glass cleaning liquid and some clean and dry cotton ball. Now, after the rest of dirt also has been cleaned, you will be required to go for assembling back the computer and switch it on. Click the start menu, click the “Run” Option and then enter the keywords like “Tree” “prefetch” “Temp” “%temp%” etc.

So as to clean the computer from inside. If you have got the “C-cleaner installed on your device, this may also help you a lot. The rest involves you to position back the computer cover after getting it washed and you will get a computer as good as new.


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