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How to Clean Natural Slate Flooring

How to Clean Natural Slate Flooring


Slate flooring is simply the best one can get as a way of laying floor, but it has often been seen that people complaint the stains on their natural slate flooring to be tough enough to be cleaned.  In order to keep your slate floors looking the best one can get, you have to adopt some approaches of cleanliness. Though most of people still rely on Scrub brushes for cleaning their natural slate flooring, but such kind of brushes can leave the slate flooring damaged and scratched and thus we won’t advise you to bring them in use. In order to clean natural slate flooring, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Clean Natural Slate Flooring

How to Clean Natural Slate Flooring

1. Usage of mop and sponge:-

First wipe off the dust from slate flooring’s surface with the help of a brush with plastic bristles (Never use the brush with metal bristles). Now you can use a mop or wet sponge in order to clean the tile flooring surface properly. This will eliminate even the toughest traces of dirt from it.

2. Use a brush with plastic bristles:-

There will be some stains tough to get removed even if you use mop over the surface and thus it is advised that you use a hard hand over a brush with plastic bristles to remove such stains. You can scratch up the spots with candle wax etc. in order to remove such stains, but you should never use anything like sandpaper as it can make the floor scratched.

3. Dusting and washing with water:-

Cleaning with a broom and mop or dusting and washing with water can be followed on daily basis to clean such tile flooring. Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of tough stains and thus keeps your floor clean and safe. You can also sprinkle an anti-bacterial solution time to time over your floor provided it is chemical free.

4. Use a sealer and avoid acidic cleaners:-

Acidic cleaners should never be bought in use to clean natural slate flooring as else it may make them deteriorate day by day. Even the acidic rains are harmful for such titles as they get weak and depleted when they come in contact with acidic content.

5. Homemade vinegar cleaner:-

Mix half portion of distilled vinegar in half portion of water and use it to wipe off the floor tiles. You can wipe off even the toughest of stains with this vinegar cleaning approach. Just mix them well and then fill the solution in a spray bottle to use the spray with those areas that have tough stains on them.

6. Just A Little Bit Soap and Sponge:-

Mix some soap solution in a mug and then dip a piece of sponge in it. Now use the same piece of sponge to clean the floor surface. Soap is never made of acidic components and thus it never damages the tile flooring. You should still be careful as though soap won’t damage the floor, but you can get yourself damaged if you meet a stumble or slide on soap solution sprinkled floor.


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