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6 Ways to Clean Kitchen Appliances Naturally

How to Clean Kitchen


Kitchen can be regarded as the place where the food is prepared and where we keep all the utensils that we have for our dietary purposes. Kitchen can be regarded as the special food preparation room of smart homes. This kitchen gets dirty after much time of dirt accumulation, deposition of smoke on walls and ceiling and accumulation of dirt on the boxes of cereals. With increasing dirt in the kitchen, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us do so in a smart way and thus here we have come with some tips for you to clean it in a smart way.

6 Ways to Clean Kitchen Appliances Naturally - HowFlux

How to Clean Kitchen Appliances Naturally

1. Clean up the gas stove:-

First of all, you will need to clean up the gas stove. In order to clean it, you will need to detach every accessories attached with it and then clean its body. You can pin up the burners in order to remove dirt from them and clean up the stand, gauze etc. using some scrub pad. Now reassemble it after it gets clean and dry.

2. Clean up the utensils:-

There must be some utensils that you have not used fir quite much time and there is much dirt accumulated on them. Some of these might even have become a breeding place for lizards and cockroaches. You will need to clean up these utensils with kitchen soap and then place them back in respective drawers.

3. Clean up the air-tight:-

There must be some airtight containers that must have dirt accumulated on their top surfaces? You can choose to take a dry cloth and clean up their surfaces with it. If there is some water filter attached to your kitchen tap, you can choose to clean it as well.

4. Check up the hollow jars:-

There are some hollow spice jar that are not airtight and it is but obvious that they must have become a breeding place of cockroaches, lizards or house bugs till now. Simply clean up these pots and put 2-3 balls of chlorine in them.

5. Clean up the kitchen racks:-

Clean up all the racks in your kitchen and change the paper that you had laid earlier on kitchen slabs. Now put all the utensils when the get clean and dry in these respective racks in a proper and sophisticated way.

6. Cleaning up the slabs:-

You might even need to clean up the webs on kitchen slabs as well as the outer portion of kitchen rack’s doors. Look at the chimney if it needs to be clean as well? At last do the dusting of the kitchen floor, take the dust out with a broom and simply mop the floor like what you do with the other rooms of your house. If there are some spider webs at ceiling or corners of kitchen, you can choose to clean them as well. The appliances like electric oven, food processor, electric tandoor, juicer, mixer grinder, etc. will need some good stain remover liquid and a dry cloth to be cleaned from outside in a gentle way.


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