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How to Clean Gas Stove Top, Burners, Grates

How to Clean Gas Stove


In contemporary world, people have become modern and with people getting modern, even their lifestyle, accessories and their surroundings have become modern. With the home and lifestyle, getting modern and the new ways of architecture being implemented on the surroundings, even the kitchens have become modular and even the utensils have got modern. One of such modern kitchen accessories is a Glass gas stove. Being made of the glass, it gets cleaned easily, but still proper care needs to be taken as the burners and the other attachments are still made with metal and tough food particles that get stick on it are hard to remove sometimes. In this article we have come with some ways to clean your gas stove in a way that it always looks like new, some of which are as follows:-

How to Clean Gas Stove Top, Burners, Grates

How to Clean Gas Stove Top, Burners, Grates

1. Remove The Attachments:-

First of all I will advice you to remove the attachments like gas pipe attachment, burners, burner plates, utensil stand, etc. from the gas stove in order to clean every nook and corner of it. You can even use some glass cleaner like Collin or some other glass stain remover to clean the glass body. Remember, the body should not be hot when you keep it near water else it is likely to get cracked. You can even choose some good detergent to be applied with your finger at the food particles glued to it in order to remove them in a better way which can be sprinkle washed with some water after some time. You should not use the steel scrub as it might spoil the looks of your appliance.

2. Decide A Cleaning Agent:-

Now decide a cleaning agent for the rest of the attachments. You can mix some detergent in a bucket of water and let the attachments left in it for some time after the leather gets formed. The detergent will loosen the dirt particles from these attachments. Now put these attachments upside down on the kitchen slab and let them dry for a while.

3. Pin Up The Holes:-

After the attachments dry for a while, you can take some good thin pin of steel and pass it through the holes of the burner in order to eject the dirt accumulated in it. You can even let a hot water bath made after it and then you just have to towel dry them.

4. Hot Air Blower:-

If you have a hot air blower at your home, you can blow some hot air with it through the holes of the burner in order to remove the residue dirt left, if any. Blowing hot air can add an advantage as when the pores or holes of the burner will be open, a good flame will get formed while using the stove.

5. Assemble Back The Body:-

The last step that you need to follow after the accessories dry out is to towel dry the glass body and assemble everything back as it used to be. Arrange the utensil stand back at proper place. Put the burner plates back and then put the burner. Your glass gas stove has been cleaned.


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