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How to Clean Dirty Headlights with Household Items

How to Clean Headlights?


The lights that are fixed at the head of any vehicle are referred to by the name headlight and these often get layered with a kind of deposition that takes place with time. Often when the bike is kept unused, a thick layer of dust is also likely to get layered over the headlights and even some other dirt is likely to get stuck with it.

The people who have got LED flashlights positioned in their vehicles always meet this kind of problems when the light is not emitting proper beam and thus there is a need to look for the approaches that can help us clean the headlight and make it get back to life. The tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose are sure to help you in certain ways regarding this.

How to Clean Dirty Headlights with Household Items

How to Clean Dirty Headlights?

1. Use A Glass Cleaning Solution With The Head Light:-

First of all, let me tell you that the headlight is made of plastic that is basically having the texture like glass only and thus you can choose to go for a glass cleaner in order to clean it. Try dipping a cotton ball in the glass cleaner or use some spraying glass cleaner to spray the glass cleaning liquid over the headlight and then use the cotton balls to clean it up.

2. Take a Cotton Ball Dipped in Detergent for Tough Stains:-

Still, after the cleaning, you will find that there are some stains that persist even after the basic cleaning has been done and for such stains, you may choose to go for having some acetone or detergent solution be kept ready. Apply the associated area with the prepared liquid and then wipe it off with a cotton ball or some dry cotton cloth.

3. Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar for Better Cleaning:-

In case you find these cleaning agents to be unavailable within your surroundings, simply have some apple cider vinegar taken out of the kitchen and use it with the headlight. In case even it is not available, simply squeeze some lemon juice and use it dipping a cotton ball in it to rub the headlight surface with it and clean it in a better way.

4. Try Using Detergent First With the Light, and Then the Rest of Approaches:-

In case you have got all the stuff available with yourself, simply first of all soak up the headlight in the detergent solution for micelle formation to take place.  The dirt will get detached this way band then you will be able to wipe it off with some other cleaning agent.

The old newspapers available can be bought into use after spraying it off with some clean water to wipe it off with them and make the headlight get crystal clear with time. After all these have been done, try taking out a portion of bike polish and apply it on the headlight surface. Keep it for a while and then rub it off with some dry cloth. The head light will start shining now and you will get the headlight as good as new once again.


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