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6 Ways to Clean Different Types of Mirrors Easy

How to Clean Mirrors


Mirrors are everywhere around us and approximately every second thing around us is suspected to have mirrors like if I talk about a car, it will have front mirror, a bike will have rear view mirrors, a dressing table will have a looking mirror. The window frames will have thin mirror, Your smart phone or your computer, the display is also made up of glass which is again a type of mirror and thus here in this article we have come with some tips for you to clean glass mirrors in a better way.

6 Ways to Clean Different Types of Mirrors Easy - HowFlux

How to Clean Different Types of Mirrors Easy

1. Cleaning Up The Dressing Table Mirror:-

First of all, If you need to clean up the dressing table mirror, you will need to clean up all the stains that it has got with passing time and make up sessions. You will need a glass stain remover spray for this purpose that you need to sprinkle and then remove the smudge that has got stick to your mirror with time. Then you can wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth to make it shine again. You can choose to cover it with a dressing table cover afterwards.

2. Cleaning Up The Door/ Window Frame Mirror:-

If you have planned to clean up the Door or window frame mirrors, You can either choose to clean them with the glass stain remover or you may even choose to sprinkle some water with a spray gun over them and then wipe it with a sponge first and then make it dry with a cloth or some old newspaper.

3. Cleaning Up The Glass:-

If you are planning to clean up the glass of your car’s window frame or your table or any other home appliance, you can choose to clean it up with a water soaked cloth first and then you can clean it up with a dry cloth again. You can choose to clean these up using some old newspaper as well. Old newspapers are found to give a perfect clean and shine to glass mirrors.

4. Home Cleaning Approaches:-

If you don’t have a glass stain remover with you, you can make one yourself by mixing up some coconut oil in water or simply a car gel in order to clean up your mirror but remember to clean it up gently removing all the greasing that the oil or gel makes.

5. Maintaining The Shine:-

Those who seek to go for the approaches that can make the mirror stay shining always are advised to keep water away from their mirrors. If the case is of a transparent glass, it does not matter if you sprinkle water on it, but if you wish to clean up a looking mirror, you are advised to keep water away from it as it may loose its shine this way. Looking glasses are painted with silver finish back side to enhance the reflection and this polish gets removed coming in contact with water.

6. Cleaning Tips:-

Remember to take good care of the mirror while cleaning it. Your light mistake can crack the glass. Avoid cleaning up your glass with warm water as it may get cracked coming in contact with hot water and you can even manage to put gloves while doing so in a way that glasses are sharp and can even make your hands go bleed if a cut is made while trying to clean them.


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