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How to Clean Copper Utensils at Home

How to Clean Copper


Copper is a metal that is used in making electrical wires as well as home based utensils and other such things. There is a problem with copper that when it is kept in air with moisture in it, it gets slightly corroded and a layer of dirt gets deposited over it making it lose its shine. In case you need to make copper get back this shine, you need to clean it regularly after a fixed span of time and in order to go for the same, you are advised to follow the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Clean Copper Utensils at Home

How to Clean Copper Utensils at Home

1. Clean It Up With the Ash Left with Fire:-

If you have got an earthen stove made in your house, the ashes left in it after you have burnt the cow dung cakes for cooking can be bought in use for cleaning the copper made utensils as rubbing this ash against the copper made utensil, there will be a sort of shine bought back to the copper made utensil that really can make it as good as new.

2. Clean It Up With the Steel Scrub:-

In case you live in a city with all kinds of resources available to you, simply bring home some good steel scrub for cleaning the copper container with it. First of all apply the kitchen dish wash gel to the copper container and then use the steel scrub with it to get the favorable results out of cleaning.

3. Double Rinse It Off In Water:-

The first cleaning attempt will include you to wipe off the copper made thing with a clean cotton cloth and then you need to go for the application of the dish wash bar again using the steel scrub with it and then double rinse the copper made vessel to get the added shine with it.

4. Use a Cotton Cloth to Wipe it off and Make Dry:-

Try out some apple cider vinegar to be poured up on the copper vessel and then wipe it off with some dry cotton cloth to make it get perfectly dried out. This will make the copper vessel get perfectly shinning and it will get as good as new.

5. Try Using The Copper Cleaning Solutions That Are Readily Available In The Markets:-

Copper is basically a kind of metal which is why we fear washing it with the chemical cleaners as it is always at a risk of getting spoiled because of chemical cleaners and this is why we advise you to go for a special metal cleaner that is specially made for cleaning copper utensils as you may find one with the stores out there in the markets near you.

6. Regular Usage for Better Shine:-

The professionals say that the more you are using a copper vessel, the more will get the shine associated with it and this is why we advise you to make the proper and regular usage of copper vessels that you have got with yourself so as to go for a better shine and better cleaning of it.


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