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6 Best Ways to Clean and Organize your House Quickly

How to Organize your Home


A well organized home is a dream of all families and approximately much of us are able to purchase a home only once in life and spend the rest of our life in keeping it organized. When a person takes a new home or gets it made or purchases it from some buyer, the first thing that he plans up is to organize it in a better way and thus here we are explaining it for you.

6 Best Ways to Clean and Organize your House Quickly

How to Clean and Organize your House Quickly

1. Paint It Up Yourself:-

Everybody wishes to add colors to their life by making a paint of their choice in the house. You can choose to get the house painted based on themes or the light colors suiting each one’s flavor. You can also choose to paint the house yourself so as to share some life long memories.

2. Separate Place for Everything:-

You should decide separate place for everything in your house, like a separate corner for the temple and worshipping, a separate corner for kitchen appliances and separate study room and separate drawing room, bed room etc. The thing that you need to do next is just to organize the things that you will keep at these places.

3. Organizing the Kitchen:-

The food boxes and air tight containers should be kept in the kitchen almirah and spoons and plates should be kept at the shelf. The refrigerator should be made to stand in a separate corner with some distance from the wall and the rest of the kitchen based appliances like food processor, electric oven, electric tandoor etc. should be kept in their respective drawers. The gas stove should be kept properly on the kitchen slab and the kitchen sink should be made clean every day after washing the utensils.

4. Organizing the Drawing Room:-

Keep the television fixed up at a perfect corner decided so that It gets easy to be cleaned and keep the other things like showcases etc perfectly cleaned. You can also manage to put some paintings etched on the wall and make curtains, etc. perfectly bounded at their perfect place.

5. Organizing The Toilet Band Bathroom:-

There should be perfect flushing conditions in the toilet and in the bathroom, the taps should have proper tightness so as to avoid any excess water flow from them. The things like shampoo, conditioner, etc. should be properly managed and kept in the bathroom rack and the switch boards should be fixed beyond the reach of water.

6. Organizing the Child’s Room And Bedrooms:-

The rest is just the child’s room and bedrooms. You can choose to clean up the child’s room regularly as they keep on throwing things here and there. The toys should be properly kept on the rack and study table should be placed perfectly in one corner. The bedrooms should have an incandescent light glowing and curtains properly fixed up. The quilts should be folded properly and there should be door mats placed before each and every gate of the house so as to avoid any external dirt enter your house.


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