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6 Ways to Clean a Water Cooler Without Chemicals

How to Clean a Water Cooler


Water cooler can be regarded as a tank to keep water stored making it cool and available for others to drink. These type of water coolers are placed in offices, Restaurants, buildings and schools etc. in order to provide cool water to their resides, students and employees. With increasing needs of this electronic appliance in our houses, there comes a need to look for the approaches that help us in keeping it clean and thus here we have come with some tips for you to clean it in a better way following some simple steps.

6 Ways to Clean a Water Cooler Without Chemicals

How to Clean a Water Cooler Without Chemicals

1. Clean up the outer cabinet:-

First of all, we will like to advise you to clean up the outer cabinet of your water cooler with the help of some good stain removal spray. Just spray up the stain removal liquid, take a dry cloth and wipe out the dirt and stains using it.

2. Clean up the Glass and tap outlet:-

There is a glass and tap outlet with every cooler, that is fixed up to the front portion and the pipe is also attached with it only. You can choose to clean up the pipe first and then clean up the water outlet with a dry cloth using detergent solution. You can pat dry it with some dry cloth afterwards.

3. Clean up the inside water:-

Now when the outer body got cleaned, you can choose to take the water out from it but remember not to flush out water and instead keep the excess of it in buckets and other utensils and the rest can be thrown in some kitchen garden for the trees and plants to use it. Now when the full water cooler tank gets empty, add one mug water in it and go for the further cleaning approaches.

4. Clean up the inside body:-

The next step involved will include the cleaning of the inside body. You can choose to put some detergent solution in the body of the water cooler and clean it up with it. The detergent solution that results can be flushed out from pipe or can be removed by the other means as well. You simply need to rinse the body clean with water now.

5. Clean up the Water filter (If attached):-

If you have attached any sort of water filter with your water cooler, some dirt might have accumulated on its body as well. You can choose to clear up the spider webs as well as the dirt accumulated on it using some dry cloth as well as the stain removal solution. You can choose to clean up the stabilizer as well.

6. Clean up the wirings and power plug:-

Now when the rest of the entire apparatus for water cooler has been cleaned, you can choose to clean up the wirings as well as the power plug using the stain removing liquid as well as some dry cloth. You will gently have to apply the stain removal liquid with some cotton ball dipped in this solution and then you can go for the further cleaning approaches.


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