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How to Clean a Large Plastic Water Tank

How to Clean Water Tank


Water tanks can be regarded as the tanks that we either get constructed on the roof tops of our houses or use a plastic tank for storing water in it. The water in these tanks is used by us time to time for various purposes like washing, bathing, gardening, etc. and thus water tanks are an essential for every household in today’s world. With increasing need of it, there comes a great need to look for the approaches that help us take proper care of it and maintain cleanliness in it and that can be achieved by following some simple steps that I am mentioning in this article.

How to Clean a Large Plastic Water Tank (6 Steps)

How to Clean a Large Plastic Water Tank

1. Clean up the outer body:-

First of all, take some stain remover and remove the dirt on outer body. Those who have got a cement/brick base water tank need not do so, but those who have got plastic tanks like that of Syntax water tank, should take a cloth with some good stain remover and go for the further cleaning approaches.

2. Take the water out:-

Now, in order to clean up the inside body, you will need to take the water out from tank. No need to throw the water out and instead you can use this water for gardening or washing your clothes. you will see a pipe attached with your tank, open it up and collect the water in some other utensils like bucket, drum etc. leave some water left in the tank.

3. Get inside:-

Now if you have got a big brick and cement, you will need to get inside the water tank in order to clean it or if you use a plastic tank, you need not enter in it and instead you can choose to stay out but whatever the way you choose the main thing is to take a brush and clean up the mud on the walls of this tank.

4. Brushing the mud stacked on walls:-

Take a brush and use it to clean up the walls of your tank, removing all sorts of sand and mud deposited on them. Ask for a bucket of water and throw the water in tank. Now eject this water along with the mud you removed from the tank tap by splashing water on it and if there is too much mud, you can choose to clean it up by throwing it outside by the means of some utensil as well.

5. Detergent bath:-

Now when the mud gets removed, you can choose to clean off the inner body by the means of some good detergent. Simply dissolve the detergent in water and throw the lather that forms in your water tank. Clean up the inside portion properly with it.

6. Rinse with water:-

Now when you have cleaned all sorts of dirt from your water tank, you can choose to rinse it up with water in order to remove all the detergent from walls and clean it properly for further use. Now when it gets clean properly, you can fill it up with water again.


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