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How to Clean a Dirty Touch Screen

How to Clean a Tablet Screen


A tablet computer can be regarded as a mobile computer device that comes with a touch screen display and power packed features like ultra fast processors, breath taking memory, ultra smart C.P.U and supports multiple finger recognition as well as multitasking services at the same time. These devices have a main screen that is a touch screen and all the requisite input and output is made by it only. The virtual keyboards are displayed in this unit and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us clean it in a smart way.

How to Clean a Dirty Touch Screen (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Clean a Dirty Touch Screen

1. Stain Removal:-

First of all, you can choose to remove all the stains on your tablet screen using some good stain remover spray. Some stains are stubborn and sometimes a greasy type smudge is created on its surface that can be removed using other techniques as well.

2. Smudge Removal:-

If there is some greacy substance or any extra sticky scratch guard glue left on your tablet screen, you can choose to for removing it as well. Simple take a non-dust pencil rubber and rub your tablet’s screen with it. All the glue and stubborn greacy substances will get removed this way. Remember to do it smoothly.

3. Added Shine:-

For added shine, you can choose to take a cotton and spray some stain removal liquid on it. Apply it gently on the tablet screen leaving places like speaker space, mic space and volume buttons. Don’t make the cotton get overflow with stain removal solution and instead just take 3-4 drops of stain remover liquid in it.

4. Screen Guard For Extra Care:-

You can even manage to take an extra screen guard for your tablet that you can fix on the screen again in order to avoid any future scratches as well. If you wish, you can even choose to go for a lamination as well.

5. Cotton + Acetone:-

Instead of stain remover, you can even choose to go for acetone as well. Acetone evaporates directly after coming in contact with air and thus using it, there will be less risk of speaker or mic damage if you use acetone instead of the watery stain remover liquid.

6. Petrol For Speaker Area:-

If acetone is not available, you can even choose to go for petrol as well. simply take out a few drops of it from your bike’s fuel tank with help of a dropper and apply it to clean your tablet screen with cotton. Rather petrol evaporates soon and thus your speaker area, volume button and mic would stay even safer.


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