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How Do Civilizations Affect The World

How Do Civilizations Affect The World


A civilization can be taken as any complex society which can be characterized by urban development, symbolic system of communications and a perceived separation from domination over the natural environment. One such name is Mohenjo-Daro or the “Harappa civilization”, for example, is a name given to the Ancient India because one of the ancient cities was called Harappa which was one of the fifteen hundred cities in the Indus River Valley. A civilization affects the world in many ways as it tells the past to present and future. It gives us an analysis of the past ways of living, the things of luxuries and makes us come to know about them in a better way.

How Do Civilizations Affect The World

How Do Civilizations Affect The World

1. Helps Us Get Deep into History:-

When we study a civilization, it helps us a lot to get deeper into the history. It makes us able to study the society of a particular time. We can easily have a notice about the traits of society of that time and their ways of living. To study a particular civilization thus proves to be the best way of studying history.

2. Helps Us Know about the Evolution of Mankind:-

When we study a particular civilization, we come to know about the people of that time and the ways of living adopted by them. The scripts of that time have also been discovered what proves to be a working way of studying the evolution of mankind.

3. Tells Us the Ways of Living of That Time:-

When we study a particular civilization, say Harappa etc. we come across the utensils, currency and other objects of that time. This includes the things of luxury and other such essentials of daily life. Some work of arts, scriptures etc. are also discovered which gives us an idea about the ways of living adopted by people of that time.

4. The Kinds of Utensils Used and Coins/Currency:-

We study utensils and coins/currency of a particular age when a civilization is discovered. Most of the civilizations are buried deep inside the earth and when we discover them, they are discovered all of a sudden. We scratch the mud layer by layer and discover the hidden civilization. Studying all such things/objects proves to be a kind of study of the past which proves to be a curtain raiser for obtaining an answer to many questions.

5. The Scripts of That Time:-

When we discover any civilization, we come across scripts of that time. Mostly these scripts are in the form of symbols or drawings. Most of these scripts are hard to understand and when we crack such scripts, it proves to answer many questions. For example, Indus valley scripts are still not understood because they are written in a complicated language. There are thousands of artifacts with 400-600 different symbols used in these scripts. The study of these scripts also raises curtain from the ways of communication and learning of people of that time.

6. Gives Us the Estimate of Living Conditions of a Particular Period:-

If I do not make it much complex for you to understand, a study of civilization is basically a study of the living conditions of that period. This study is necessary to know about the past which is history. Most of the civilizations are thus included even in the study books taught to children during their school time.


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