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How to Choose the Right Running Shoe for Me

How to Choose Running Shoes


Shoes are your best friend while running. If you have got a better running capabilities with better quality shoes, your chances of winning increase by one percent more and besides when you are having quality stuff with you, your moral also stays boosted and you have a sort of confidence with yourself enough to defeat others. Having bad quality and worn out shoes rather can make your confidence fall out and you get much closer of loosing the race. Here we are mentioning some tips for you to choose running shoes for yourself that will benefit you for sure in certain ways.

How to Choose the Right Running Shoe for Me (6 Steps)

How to Choose the Right Running Shoe for Me

1. Choose a specific brand:-

First of all, you will need to choose a specific brand that you need to go for. You may choose to go for any branded type of shoes or if your budget is low, you may even choose to go for some local company product as well, but remember to check the other things that I am mentioning in further points if you choose to go for some local product.

2. Perfect size is must:-

A perfect size is the need of every racer. The better the shoe size fits you, the better you will run after wearing it. Remember not to go for extra loose or extra tight shoes as it won’t let any air flow take place and this way your feet will feel suffocated in them. Try to ask for the perfect shoe size that best fits you.

3. Spikes are a must:-

If you are to go for a ground based running rather than the road based running, you may choose to go for the shoes with spikes as it has been proven that while running in the muddy and grassy areas, the shoes with spikes prove to enhance your speed levels.

4. Perfect air flow and heal size:-

Make sure to ensure the shoes have proper ventilation and heal size as well. Make sure not to take extra high heals as it might make you fall while running. Try to take level shoes so that it may enhance your grip while running. You may choose to go for sports shoes in order to achieve this. Make sure to compare the lower part of your shoes to the running track. If you are to run by the road side, you will need perfect sport shoes like that of cricketers but they should not have spikes in them. If you are to run by some ground, you can choose to go for some rubber based shoes that have got spikes in them.

5. Perfect comfort while wearing:-

Perfect Cushioning is the thing that will add to the comfort while running. You are advised to check if your shoes are perfectly cushioned or not so as to check if the shoes are ideal for running or not. The better the shoes are cushioned, the better you will be comforted while running.

6. Keep The laces Short:-

The laces of shoes should not be extra long as if your laces get opened while running, It might make you fall off on track. Keeping the laces short will make you able to keep on running even if the laces get opened somehow.


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