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How to Choose Most Popular Baby Names

Choose Most Popular Baby Names


Often when a new baby comes to the family, it becomes a matter of applause and happiness amongst the family members but these people keep on calling the baby with several names till the name is not fixed and thus there is a great need to choose a baby name from the very beginning. A dedicated name will prevent the people from calling the baby with several names and even the baby will start recognizing it when all the people will start calling it with the same name. If you are planning to go for the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

Choose Most Popular Baby Names

How to Choose Most Popular Baby Names

1. Consult Some Astrologer:-

People mostly reach astrologers to ask what alphabet should their baby’s name start with and then begins a   period of thinking what the name should be. Like suppose the name comes out from letter “P” just looks for the words that begin from “P” in the book of words and pick up the most suitable from them. It happened with me when I was blessed with a daughter, the astrologer told me that the name should start from “E” and just then the word “eureka” came to my mind which means “ a brilliant discovery” I named my daughter “Eureka” after that.

2. Go with the Sun Sign:-

You may also choose to go with the sun sign as it can help you a lot to know which alphabet is good for the baby born in which part of the year. Simply enquire about that from a person dealing with the sun sign based fortunes and then choose the name accordingly.

3. Ask the Elders:-

It may become perfect occasion for you to make your wife or the elders of your house feel special. If you are a husband, simply thank your wife for bringing you such a present in the form of a baby and ask her to think a name for it as she is the angel who bought it in the world. Your wife will certainly feel special with this act of yours. If you are the mother of baby, you may ask elders to do that for you as it will make them feel special and that you really respect them.

4. Research for the Current Names in Trend:-

Make a research on the current names that are in trend these days and look them to find out a unique name amongst those. Try to avoid those names which may make call your baby with names other than what you name it as it may make it feel that he or she is a matter of laugh for others when he grows up.

My parents had names me Mohan and there was a brand of butter with that name. Instead of calling me Mohan my classmates started calling me Mohan butter that really frustrated me so I advise you to go for a unique name that will save your baby from these situations or in case no approach suits you, let it be made after consulting the religious person associated with your religion.



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