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4 Steps to Choose Curtains for your Living Room

How to Choose Curtains


Curtains are the cloth based attachments that are hanged on the door and windows by means of a curtain pipe clipping the curtains on it such that these curtains can be adjusted according to the need so as not to physically close the door but to simply use them so as to block the inner view from outside. Curtains are sometimes used as sound absorbers and You need to put a great care about the color, texture and type of these curtains so as to make your home look modern as well as properly groomed.

4 Steps to Choose Curtains for your Living Room - HowFlux

How to Choose Curtains for your Living Room

1. Judge The Length of Curtain:-

In order to choose curtains for your house, first of all you will need to take a measuring tape and measure the door or window area with it. Measure the length and breadth of your door or window and add some more to this length and it will take some more cloth for the tailoring of these curtains.

2. How Many Dividing Do You Need:-

Now, after you have made the estimate of length that you need curtains to be equipped with, decide if the curtains will be pleated or non-pleated. You may choose to take more cloth if you want pleated curtains and it is rather better to take some extra cloth as who knows you might need it afterwards.

Now, after taking the cloth of requisite size and deciding how much dividing you need to make with it, you may choose to go for the further approaches like deciding the texture as well as color.

3. Texture and Color:-

The texture and color of your curtains means a lot so as to add a feel to your house. The texture and color partially depends on who will live in the room and partially on the paint color that you have got painted in the respective rooms. You may even choose to go for the contrasting colors as well. The texture may include the flowery designs or shade based designs.

4. Theme Based Curtains:-

You may also choose to go for theme based curtains so as to choose curtains for your house. Simply take cartoon based or nature based theme curtains for your child’s room and some gorgeous looking light shade for your own room. The daughter’s room may be put on with light pink shade curtains and you may choose any simple theme for the elder members of the family or you may keep all the curtain theme to be same with every room.

It is better if you can manage to take your family along with you to make choices as it is always better to ask your family members what they need or like and thus the rest is just to get the curtains pipe fixed and get the curtains hung on it so as to enhance the beauty of your doors and windows.


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