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How to Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit Your Hand

how to choose an engagement ring


When there is a wedding in the house, the main and first tension that both the parties come across is to go for a wedding ring. The use of a wedding ring is that the bride and groom will exchange the rings with each other and they will keep it wearing the rest of their life as the memory of their marriage. Often people stay curious as well as doubtful about how they are going to make a choice for wedding ring and this becomes a big tension when the party is not able to make a good choice. In case you are also in the same jeopardy, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

how to choose an engagement ring

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

1. Decide The Weight That You Need:-

First of all, let me tell you that the rate of gold is made on the base of weight that you want to have with at and the rate of mixing that is made with the gold. Keep in mind these things while making a purchase and then go for it.

2.  Decide the Budget that you need:-

Try deciding a budget that you need to stick with. Suppose you need to purchase a ring worth rupees one lakh, you may choose to have the designs seen according to that budget only. This saves your mind from getting distracted or moving towards the other such designs that may prove to be costly.

3. The Design also means A Lot:-

The design that your ring comes equipped with also means a lot. The Goldsmith may charge you extra money for the making of some extraordinary designs or else you may tell him the design of your choice to be made with your ring. These days the hallmark jewelry is in fashion that means the cost of your ring never goes down with time.

4. Take the Bride/ Groom Along For Shopping:-

In case you wish to take a ring of the bride or groom’s choice and there is no fixed budget, you may request them to come along with you and choose the ring that they desire. This makes them free to go for a choice and thus there is no risk that the ring won’t look pretty to the couple.

5. Try the New Trending Designs:-

The designs in trend keep on changing and so is the case with the design of the rings. You may choose to look for the new designs in trend first searching for it over the internet or grooming the designs available with a goldsmith and then make a selection accordingly.

6. Get the Expert Advice:-

There is always an expert available in homes for these purposes and this may include your sister, your mother, any friend or anybody else who has been a part of the other marriages too. Simply take him or her along with you and make a purchase provided he or she should have a deep knowledge about the bride or the groom’s interests.


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