How to Choose the Best Smartphone

Choose a Smartphone by Features


These days smart phones can be seen in almost every other hand and the reason for this fast accessibility amongst people is the availability of multiple features within the same device. Gone are the days when you had to reach some cyber cafe so as to make some science project or some office file or to check the mails, etc. and instead this is done all in a same device equipped with multiple speedy features. In case you need to purchase a smart phone for yourself, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

Choose a Smartphone by Features

How to Choose a Smartphone by Features

1. The Resolution, Picture Quality and Size:-

Some smart phones may offer you cheap prices, but the resolution and display qualities offered to you may not be awesome as we hardly care about the resolution and thus we will advise you to first check the size, then the picture quality and then the resolution of the screen. It proves to be an icing on the cake if you can manage to check the protection standards that the screen comes equipped with like these days the leading smart phones come equipped with corning gorilla glass protection.

2. The Sensors and Connectivity Options:-

In case you need to purchase a smart phone, the main and compulsory thing to check is the sensors that the phone is equipped with along with the connectivity options. Remember to check the camera sensors as well as the experts say that the quality of images taken depends on the camera sensors only. The leading Smartphone manufacturers offer the sensors like gyro sensor, gravity sensor, eye sensor, proximity sensor, etc. that make a smart phone an ultra smart phone. Don’t forget to check the connectivity options like Wlan Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, hotspot etc. as well.

3. The Camera and Memory:-

Check how much megapixels does the camera worth you. Check if there is a front camera for video calling or not and check if there is a compatible internal storage and RAM as well. These days the smart phones are offering RAM as high as 4GB that makes multitasking facility and gaming and downloading, etc. really an ultra-lightning fast experience. Some even offer external memory card compatibility as well.

4. The Processor, Platform Operated and Update Software Options:-

Don’t forget to consult about the processor that phone comes equipped with along with the battery backup and platform that the smart phone operates upon. The software update options should also be kept in consideration as generally when an updated version of smart phone comes, we feel out heart jumping towards the new and modern versions of software’s. Updating proves to be the cheapest solution in these cases.

5. The Cost, Comparison with Other Models and Obviously the Brand:-

Besides following all the basic tips that we have mentioned above, don’t forget to compare the features and price with the other brands available in the market and don’t forget to compare the market price with the internet price. Consult about the accessories and device compatibility with other gadgets like smart watch and gears as well.


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