How To Choose A Bike For Beginners

How To Choose A Bike For Beginners


A bike is a two wheeler means of transport that may be a battery operated one, mechanically operated one or may even be operated on fuel as well. The steps that you need to follow while purchasing a bike do not involve any mammoth task but you just need to remember the purpose for which you are making a purchase and you are sorted. For kids, the mechanical or pedal operated bikes are ok while for the adults, they may choose to go to any bike meeting their needs and in case you are trying to go for any of the bikes, the tips that we are mentioning here may seem to be beneficial for you.

How To Choose A Bike For Beginners

How To Choose A Bike For Beginners

1. Check the CC that it has got with it:-

The first thing that you should look for in a bike is its “CC” or you can say the cubic capacity. This one tells you how powerful the bike’s engine is and hence better the “CC’ associated with a bike is, the better it will be while racing. The “CC” value that is mentioned on the bike’s body is never the same as the actual value of “cc” associated with a particular bike and hence it should be consulted with the seller first.

2. Check If the Looks Are Perfectly Matching Your Budget:-

The next thing that here comes is the budget and looks of the bike. If you are from India, you will get a bike with sporty racing looks in as low as 60-70 thousand. This will probably have a 150-160cc engine and hence going furthermore, the budget will keep on getting increased. Try out the bike matching your budget and expectations.

3. Check If the Brakes Are Drum or Disk Ones:-

In some of the bikes, both the brakes are of drum type while in some models both are the disk brakes. In some of the bikes, the front wheel may be a disk brake equipped one while the back one may be a drum break equipped one. Try noting down these things while making a purchase and go for the one that best matches your needs.

4. Have A Test Drive:-

It is always better to have a test drive before making a purchase of a bike. Try out riding it for a test drive; check the pickup, the riding comfort and other such things like the breaking comfort and other such things. Note down even the slightest things and then make the analysis of it. Enquire about the fuel average and calculate if you can compromise on the average with looks or you need both.

5. The Brand, Seating Capacity and the Purpose for Which You Are Making a Purchase:-

The next thing that needs to be noted here is the brand of the bike, the seating capacity and if you need a racing model or the simple office going model that gives you average besides comfort and saves the bucks that you may have to spend on the fuel. Comparing all these features for the several bikes, you may conclude on purchasing the best one for yourself.


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