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How Does Child Abuse Affects the Society

How Child Abuse Affects The Society


Child abuse or child harassment is an act by any person which results in actual or potential harm to the child. This can be in the form of physical torture, mental torture or even sexual torture to the child. All the forms of physical, sexual, psychological and neglect related abuses are counted in it. In most of the countries these days child abuse is a punishable offence as it prevents the growth of a child and makes him separated and secluded from the society. Some countries have rather adopted their own definitions of child abuse in order to prosecute charges against those who commit this crime. The ways in which child abuse makes an impact on the society can be explained as follows:-

How Child Abuse Affects The Society

How Does Child Abuse Affects the Society

1. Affects Their Physical Growth:-

Child abuse affects the physical growth of a child. Suppose you physically or mentally harass a child. This will make him feel really pathetic and such a child will experience an overflow of bad emotions which will prevent his growth and will keep it prevented for the rest of life. Some children get so fearful with such incidences that they even fear to meet or befriend with someone.

2. Affects Their Mental Growth:-

Child abuse affects the mental growth and balance of a child as well. A child beaten with a stick never respects it, but instead fears it. The fear of stick is so possessive on his mind that he is hardly able to think about anything else. Same is the case with physical abuse. The child who is harassed physically by someone will always stay fearful about the pain and side effects that it results within his body.

3. Deprives Them of Their Childhood:-

Child abuse deprives a child of his childhood and thus such children are different from rest of the children. You can see fear in their eyes and you can see their health deteriorating like anything. Such children will start crying with even a slight touch of terror and they won’t even be able to adjust with others sometimes.

4. Makes Them Live in Terror:-

A victim of child abuse has always lived in terror. This can be the terror of stick, the terror of a slap, the terror of genitals being abused or the fear of reckless sex by someone with ill intentions. All such abusive activities leave a negative impression on the child and he will start living in terror.

5. Makes Them Isolated From The Rest of Students:-

Even if you try to educate such child by providing financial support, he/she will stay isolated from the crowd because of the effect that such abusive activities have made on his/her mind and the effects or incidences that the child has gone through in the past time won’t ever let him lead a normal life.

6. Even Results in Child Suicides:-

Child abuse often results in child suicides. Many children who are not able to cope up with the stress and pain that their abuser causes to them try to commit suicide by either getting hung with fan or by jumping from the building. Some even eat poison and try to end their life by chocking or asphyxiating themselves.


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