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Chikungunya Virus – Symptoms and Treatment

What Are The Symptoms of Chikungunya


chikungunya is a disease or an infection that is caused by the virus of chikungunya. the chikungunya virus belongs to the family togaviridae and is an alphavirus by its genus. it has a positive –sense single-stranded r.n.a genome of about 11.6kb. the disease is followed with a fever that occurs all of a sudden that lasts from two to seven days and the pain in the joints of a person that resides generally for some weeks or months but may even take years to heal. In humans, this disease is caused by two variety of viruses namely the genus Aedes : A. albopictus and A. aegypti virus. The asian tiger mosquito is responsible for the widespread of this disease.

Chikungunya Virus - Symptoms and Treatment

Chikungunya Virus – Symptoms and Treatment

the best way to prevent chikungunya from happening to a person is to avoid any sort of mosquito bites. till yet, no specific mosquito treatment is available to treat chikungunya still there exist some medications that can reduce the symptoms. usage of fluids and resting may prove beneficial in the case of this disease.

Symptoms of chikungunya:-

The symptoms of chikungunya include sudden onset of fever that may last from a few days to a week. the symptom is followed by other symptoms like the pain in joints or stiffyness to occur   that may last from a few days to a week.
the other symptoms include muscle pain, pain in the head, fatigue or vomiting or the condition called nausea may even take place to the person suffering from chikungunya.

the period of incubation in chikungunya ranges from two to twelve days and typically three days to a week. the person may even feel a sort of inflammation in his eyes and the retina lesions may even occur to him. conditions like headache and insomnia are also likely to occur with the person. the person may also be linked with musculo-skeletal pain.

treatment of chikungunya:-

no specific treatment for chikungunya is available to humans till yet but the attempts are still being made to research and find a medicine that can treat this disease. the approaches may be used to relieve the person from the symptoms of this disease. the usage of NSAIDs such as naproxen or paracetamol and fluids Can be practiced to make the person relieved from the symptoms of this disease. Though the usage of aspirin as a medication is still not recommended and chloroquinine is also not known to show any clear effects.


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