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Why Chicken Nuggets Are Bad For Health

Why Chicken Nuggets Are Bad For Health


A chicken nugget is a chicken based eatable that is made from slurry prepared with meat or chicken breasts, which are first cut to proper shape and then batter or bread is bought in use to layer or coat them. The layered or coated chicken piece is then deep fried or baked in a pre-heated microwave. Generally, vegetable oil is bought in use to fry chicken nuggets and it is served in restaurants like McDonalds etc. McDonalds sells it with the name “Chicken McNuggets”. People say that this meat based eatable is bad for health and hence it should not be consumed. Here are some reasons that people give in support to this argument:-

Why Chicken Nuggets Are Bad For Health

Why Chicken Nuggets Are Bad For Health

1. Some Customers Reported Presence of Insects in Their Nuggets:-

Recently I heard about news in which a lizard was found present in chicken nuggets. In another case, a customer reported body parts of a cockroach and a mouse present in his pack of chicken nuggets. Most of the food chain owners sell franchises of their food chain to people and thus they can’t manage to look after the food making conditions by remaining present everywhere. Even you can’t ensure proper healthy conditions for the product that you purchase from a particular snack shop as they never allow you to enter their kitchen.

2.  High Calories Content:-

Besides this, the calorie content of even the finest quality chicken nuggets is very much high. There are approximately 280 calories present in a pack of nuggets which is not added with sauce. After adding sauce to it, the amount of calories gets further increased. The more you consume it, the more is the amount of calories taken.

3.  High Fats and Carbs:-

Besides this, chicken nuggets are high in terms of added fats and carbs. A pack of chicken nuggets is rich in 18 grams of fats and 18 grams of carbs approximately. Fats are considered bad for health and when you are habitual of consuming a few orders of chicken nuggets together everyday, you are much likely to get obese.

4. Nuggets are processed:-

Open any health based website or tune in to any health channel. They would be repeating it many a times that we should not consume processed food items as they make our heart weak and make us prone to heart attacks. Nuggets are also processed and thus by eating nuggets, we are actually inviting heart problems in our body.

5.  It Makes You Obese and weak:-

Besides this, the vegetable oil which is bought in use for frying chicken nuggets keeps on boiling with each fry and thus it also becomes harmful for us as it enhances the amount of free radicals in our body which are found responsible for the spread of cancer cells.

6. Reported Issues:-

Many other such health problems are associated with this product side by side. For example, when you reach a restaurant to have nuggets as a lunch with your friend, you won’t just order nuggets, but you will also order some other product like cold drink with it. If you are habitual of such treats, you will easily fall a prey to added health problems which add to your life because of those add-on products and besides this the more you eat, the more you wish to it and it further adds to your weight and fats.


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