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How Does Chewing Gum Affect your Health

How Chewing Gum Affects Your Health


Chewing gum is a substitute to toffee which is a soft, cohesive and gummy kind of substance coated with sugar or flavor. Chewing gum is made from butadiene based synthetic rubber or polymers and people in a large number prefer eating it. Though the history of chewing gums lasts since ages, but still there are some people who take it as a bane rather than taking it as a boon because of the negative effects that it makes on an individual’s health and lifestyle. Here are some ways in which chewing a chewing gum can affect you with:-

How Does Chewing Gum Affect your Health

How Does Chewing Gum Affect your Health

1. Increases Your Risk to Jaw Muscle Imbalance:-

It has been reported that chewing gum can increase your risk of jaw muscle imbalance problem in most of the cases if you are consuming it regularly. It results in a pain in your jaws as well and makes the jaw muscles contracted leading to headache and even loss of vision in some of the cases.

2. A chewing gum can block your air pipe:-

When we eat something, we are advised not to speak as there are two pipes in our mouth one of which is meant for inhaling the air while the other is for in taking the food. When we are eating food, the breathing pipe stays closed and thus we are advised not to try speaking while eating. On the other hand, if you try speaking while chewing a gum, it can get stuck in your wind pipe and can make you suffocate and ultimately die.

3. Results in Gastrointestinal Problems:-

Chewing gums are often related with the other such problems like gastrointestinal problems. It is said that when we are chewing a chewing gum, we swallow more air than usual and this results in abdominal pain as well as bloating. Such disorders can be really a big pain for us sometimes.

4. The Presence of Cow and Sheep Byproducts:-

Some people also acclaim that most of the chewing gums are made from byproducts resulted from sheep or other such animals like cow. The softness of a chewing gum is because of “Lanolin” which is a product of sheep skin which is hard to appetizer and is against animal rights.

5. Makes damage to your teeth:-

Obviously most of chewing gums are coated with fruit flavor or sugar added with flavoring agents. Sugar results in build-up of cavities which later-on damages your teeth. Tooth decay can occur to your teeth in such cases and you can lose all your teeth because of this problem. Even the sugar-free gum is likely to cause such symptoms to a person.

6. Presence of harmful ingredients:-

Most of the chewing gums contain content like “Butylated Hydroxytoluene” or “BHT”, Calcium Phosphate and Titanium Dioxide which are believed to be dangerous for teeth health. It is rather a fact that chewing gums make you experience problem of odor and some of these also contain a little amount of nicotine which can make you really dependent on them.


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