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Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution


Charles Darwin is the name of a person who proposed the theory of evolution. This theory was given by him to describe the various aspects of evolution and this theory is accepted universally in all the institutions so as to deal with the concepts of evolution.

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution

The Basic Essence of Darwin’s Theory:-

The basic essence of this theory is that all the living creatures, including the plants, birds and animals are directly or indirectly linked to each other. This theory deals with the development of life in the period when there used to be no life. The moment when the planet was formed and afterwards, when the first form of life originated and then begins the era of evolution. The changes kept on coming and thus the new life forms came in existence.

According to this theory, the organisms that originated first of all on this planet were simple organisms and then the process of evolution made some changes in them with time that resulted in complex forms of organisms and then the changes in these complex organisms resulted in even more complex organisms. The process of evolution kept on happening like this and thus the creatures that we see today on this planet got formed.

What Results In Evolution:-

Talking as a whole, the genetic mutations take place within an organism’s genetic code and the mutations that are good stay protected which get passed to the next generation while the changes occur according to the environment by the means of a process called as “natural selection.”
The new complex organism that results after this process has got the qualities that may include some qualities of the ancestors as well as some new qualities due to the variations or changes in him.

What Is Natural Selection?

According to Darwin, the Natural selection involves the preserving of the genetic mutations. Like if I say that a specific species has got whiskers with it, the fore coming generations will have whiskers, but there may be some changes with time or there may be some more advance changes with time. According to Darwin, the process of natural selection can act only by taking the benefit of slight variations. There can’t be any sudden changes in organisms and the process takes time and happens slowly but certainly. The features are passed from one generation to other, but changes keep on coming time to time.

A common man’s approach to the Darwin’s theory”:-

Talking about the common man who reads Darwin’s theory, It appears to be quiet convincing about the process of evolution. We all know that man evolved from apes. Looking around the monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas and other primates, we get a clue how much close Darwin was to the truth. A common follower or researcher who reads the Darwin’s theory will certainly get a clue about the process of evolution. Like firstly Monkeys had tail, the apes did not have it and if we look at the various kinds of primates, we will get a clue how these primates changed from primates with tail to the primates without tail. Not just about human’s existence, but Darwin’s theory arises many questions about the process of evolution in your mind and the answers obviously lie within it only.


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