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6 Steps to Change the World by yourself

How to Change the World


Everybody must be saying that you are talking foolish if you would have tried telling them you wish to change the world right? Well, if it is so, this is not new and rather it is a common situation with we all who wish to change the world and I will first of all like to congratulate you as at least there is someone who wishes to bring about a change in this world. Well, if you need some help about it, here we are with some tips following which you will be able to do that in a better way.

6 Steps to Change the World by yourself - HowFlux

How to Change the World by yourself

1. Change yourself and the world will change:-

If you wish to change the world, you will need to change yourself as well. Somebody has rightly said,” When I searched for the worst person, I found no one to be bad except me. If you yourself are not changing, how can you expect the rest of the world to do that and thus you should begin with yourself.

2. As charity begins at home, even the change begins at home:-

Somebody has rightly said,” Charity begins at home” and I will rather say that change also begins at home. When you are able to bring about a change in the lives of three-four people, the rest of world will also become changed. Start by wishing your elders the very first in the morning. Keep on asking if anybody amongst them needs any sort of help and be there every time someone amongst them needs a help and start making good relations with the other associated people as well. It is sure that seeing this much good attitude of some person, the others will also get inspired as well.

3. Always remember that Rome was not built in a single day:-

Whenever you feel that the change that you bought in your surroundings is limited to yourself and the rest of people are unaffected from it, you should think that even Rome was not build in a day and it will take time for others to change as well. Try to stay polite with others and wait for the time when even they will get changed by the way you treat them.

4. Help others and be caring others as you wish to get in return:-

Try to start helping people in your way to home as well as office. There will be some people in need for sure. Like suppose you meet an old man unable to cross the road because of the physical disorders, you can choose to help him chose the road. Seeing you doing that, It is sure that the others will also learn it from you and thus likewise the change will keep on passing from one individual to the other.

5. Get environment friendly:-

The environmental crisis has become the worry of the day in today’s world and thus in order to bring about the desired change in world, you will need to become conscious towards the environmental changes as well. Teach your children moral values as it has been rightly said that today’s children are tomorrow’s future.

6. How to change the rules and custom:-

My mathematics teacher always used to say,” It is we who force others to impose rules on us and it is always the act that we do that makes more rules imposed on us.” If we do not like the rules imposed on us, we should first of all bring about a change in ourselves so as to let others think that we don’t need rules and we have got our own limits. When we will give others a favorable impression, the day is not far when others will not impose rules on us.


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