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How to Change Pixel Size of Video

How to Change Pixels of a Video


In digital imaging, a pixel is a physical point on a display device. Reducing the pixels of a video, actually we are changing its video resolution. Video resolution plays an important role in adjudging it’s on-screen clarity. If you wish to customize a video to be displayed on screen your way, the best option is to change its pixel size.

There are some websites which allow you an upload of a video only with a specific pixel specification and thus you may require changing the pixels of any video for some such reason or any other according to the situation or requirement. A video’s pixel size can be changed following these simple steps:-

How to Change Pixel Size of Video

How to Change Pixel Size of Video

1. Download a Video Pixel Converter:-

In order to convert a video, first of all you will need a video converter application. A video converter application enables you to convert any video according to your desired size and in changing the other specifications according to your need. The names in this field are Movavi video converter, Media Converter etc. or you can download any other such video converter with pixel changing facilities in it.

2. Open up the Video with Software:-

After downloading the video converter, you will have to install it on your device and run it after getting it installed. Now reach the gallery/video folder of your device in order to open the video with your converter software. You can also launch the application first and then the video can be uploaded to it for conversion process.

3. Set the Desired Pixel Size Other Specifications:-

After opening the video with your converter application, you will have to set the desired properties for your video after it gets converted. You will need to specify the desired pixel size and other such specifications for this purpose. These video specifications will serve as a command for the conversion software to convert videos according to user provided instructions.

4. Trim/Edit Your Clip in A Customized Way:-

Some converter applications also ask you about the other options like trimming your video or changing its file format or for the other such editing options. If you wish to make any of such changes in your video, you can specify them in order to transform your video according to your needs.

5. Save it with a New Resolution:-

After mentioning the specifications for changes needed in your video, you can click the convert button for the conversion process to start. If you are performing this task in some smart phone or tablet, the conversion results will be shown to you after the file gets converted and you can click save button in order to save that file in your device. You get similar options while making conversion in your desktop or laptop as well.

6. Locate the Video:-

After clicking save button, the video gets saved in your device and you can locate it in the file manager of your device. In some of the applications, the application itself makes a new folder for saving the converted files and you can locate it within your drive to find the file.


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