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How to Change Name in Passport after Marriage or Divorce

How to Change Name in Passport


A passport is a passbook to your dream destinations. It is a kind of country based identity card which serves to be a proof while you go for a journey from one place to another. In some of the cases, there is a mistake reported with a passport. In some other cases where the case is of a female, she gets married and she has to update the name from maiden to married. All these factors invite an updating to the passport and thus a person has to look for the ways in which this can be done. A passport can be updated following these simple steps:-

How to Change Name in Passport

How to Change Name in Passport

1. Get a Name Updation Form for yourself:-

Form no.II for miscellaneous services can be purchased from regional passport office in order to make updation/changes to your name in passport. The form is very cheap and can even be downloaded from website of passport Sewa Kendra as well. In order to avail the benefits of online form, you should first fill the form online and then you should reach Passport Sewa Kendra procuring a copy of it.

2. For Married Women:-

If you are married woman who wish to change her name after marriage, you should bring all the required documents along with a filled form of name change. It should be accompanied by two passport size photographs and your original passport with two self attested xerox copies.

You should also bring a copy of your husband’s passport and an attested copy of your marriage certificate as well. In case your marriage is not a registered one, you can bring a copy of your marriage invitation card along with a joint photo of yours with your hubby and an affidavit equivalent to the marriage certificate.

3. If You Are Divorced:-

In case you have been divorce with your husband and now you wish to change your name, you should get a certified copy of your divorce certificate along with your current passport and the other documents mentioned in the previous point except your marriage certificate.

4. While You File an Online Application:-

While you file an online application, you should choose “Re issue of passport” option from the prescribed fields. While filling the application, you will have to enter the “Surname” and “Given Names” as per the new changed names that you will like to be updated and to appear in your new passport. In some of the cases you may be asked to bring a name change advertisement published in a newspaper as well.

5. The Conditions Imposed:-

Amongst the conditions imposed on an individual for issue of an update passport, the following conditions do apply:-

  • An application is accepted only after the completion of one month of said notice/aid
  • In case you do not have a marriage certificate, the affidavit and marriage card is compulsory.
  • You are required to submit a newspaper advertisement in case you carry a name which is not considered your real name.
  • The Passport Sewa Kendra can be called/inquired anytime in order to clear any of your queries regarding the same.


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