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How to Change Function Key Settings in Laptop and PC

How to Change Function Key Settings


When you are working on any device, the keys on top side of your keyboard which are numbered from F1 to F12 are the function keys. In any device, these keys come with a dedicated function for each key and we can use them in order to use the dedicated function. In Windows, F5 means Refresh, F3 stands for search and similarly each key can be bought in use for a specific purpose. People often ask me that if they can change the functioning of these keys or not. Well, you can change the settings of your function keys following these simple steps:-

How to Change Function Key Settings in Laptop and PC

How to Change Function Key Settings in Laptop and PC

1. Use BIOS Settings:-

BIOS settings option is an option which appears on your screen when you start any computer. I am working on an Intel Motherboard based Windows-7 operated computer and whenever I restart my computer, the first option that I am displayed with on my screen is an option for BIOS. In some other computers, you have to press “Esc” key or F10 key in order to open it.

2. A Blue And White Menu Gets Opened:-

As soon as you enter the BIOS settings of your computer, a blue and white color screen menu is displayed on your computer’s screen. The arrow keys on your keyboard can be used to move through the pages in this menu. Simply use the right arrow to move towards the right in this menu and up/down/ left arrow to move up/down or left.

3. Find the Action Key Settings:-

In the same menu you will find action key settings. In these settings, you will have to hit enter and disable this option. The function keys would get deactivated like this and you won’t have to press them while doing anything on your computer.

4. Action Keys Enabled Or Disabled:-

If you make the action keys disabled, it will require you to press and hold the function key while pressing one of the F1-F12 keys to perform the action dedicated against the key. If action key is made enabled, you will just need to press any of the keys from F1 to F12 in order to perform the actions depicted against each of the keys.

5. Don’t Touch Any Setting if you do not know about it:

While dealing with the BIOS settings of your computer, you should never enter into a setting option which you are not familiar with. Dealing with BIOS settings can get troublesome when you do not know how to deal with it and if you make some wrong changes with the setting options in BIOS, the entire system functioning may get affected.

6. Changing the Function Key Settings for Any Game:

If you wish to change the function key settings for any game instead, you should try reaching its control settings or player control options or help options in order to make changes with the function key settings and other controls. Most of the games come with a control customizing feature which makes us able to make changes with the key settings.


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