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How to Change Dlink Router Admin Password

How to D link Router Password Change


D-link Wi-Fi routers have become another name of speedy data transmission these days. A D link router serves to be an easy way of internet usage if you are planning to use data within your home based computer devices. In order to prevent the data theft, you can secure your D-link router with a password. This password serves to be a better way of router security. In some cases you also need to reset the old Wi-Fi router password as well. In such cases you can easily change the D-link Wi-Fi router password following these simple tips:-

How to Change Dlink Router Admin Password

How to Change Dlink Router Admin Password

1. Open up the Default Browser of Your Device: –

In order to change the D-Link router password, you can begin with the default browser in your computer device. Simply open the browser and enter “” into the address bar. Press enter key now. The D-link router configuration page will get opened. This configuration page can be bought in use to change the router password by first logging into the admin account for the router.

2. Click Admin and Type Your Admin Password: –

After opening up the router configuration page, you will have to click Admin option and then you can enter your Admin password for router to login into your router account. Now Click “Setup” option which has been provided at the top of the page. After clicking the setup option, you have to click “Wireless Settings” option on the left side of this page.

3. Reach the Wireless Security Configuration Options:-

Now, after clicking the wireless settings option, you have to click “Manual Wireless Connection Setup.” And then Scroll down the page with your mouse to find the Pre-Shared Key field. You can Type a new password in this field to change the old password with new one. Close the window to save the new password and the password will get successfully changed.

4. Press the Reset Button for A Few Seconds:-

In some of the D-link routers, there is a dedicated reset button provided with the router which can be bought in use to reset the router password. You just have to keep it pressed for a while and you can easily change the router password afterwards.

5. Set Up A New Password:-

Even if you have a reset button with your router, you will still have to Change the SSID settings first. Now you can create a new wireless network password for yourself. For this approach, you can also take the help of your D-link user manual which comes packed with your router box.

6. Keep the Password Complicated:-

The new router password used by you in place of the old one should be a complicated one and not an easy one. You can mix it up to be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with symbols and characters to make it tough enough to be guessed as if someone manages to guess your password, his or her computer will feed on your router’s bandwidth making you compromise on your data plan.


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