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How to do CGI Animation for Beginners

How to Do CGI Animation


CGI animation is an animation process which includes animation constructed from a simple idea to a complete formation of animation. This includes both, skills as well as team work. Within every CGI animation based firm, there is a dedicated team which takes the initiative to work step by step creating script, storyboard, layout and then finally converting it to a fully fledged animation work. A careful planning and lots of work is needed for this purpose. The following steps are included in making CGI animation:-

How to do CGI Animation for Beginners

How to do CGI Animation for Beginners

1. Preparing the script:-

In order to perform CGI animation, firstly the script is prepared. The scene is scripted on paper or in a word processing software and the script is made ready. There is a special script writer or a team of script writers hired for this purpose. The script is checked and double checked to avoid any flaws in it and then the script is finalized.

2. Deciding the appearances:-

After preparing the script, some modifications are made based on team suggestions, characters, backgrounds, dialogue and poses which are going to be bought in use while creating the scene. The scene is drawn in 2D mode then and a rough idea of characters, scenes, backgrounds and designs is created. The script letters are shown at the bottom of this drawing based 2D animation in order to demonstrate what is happening.

3. Removing the not-suitable scenes:-

While watching the 2D drawing based version of the animation, the people of crew decide which scene needs to stay in the script and which needs to be deleted. Some changes are made according to the preference of the team and the further advancement is bought to animation.

4. Preparing the layout:-

The final layout is prepared now. This is the 3D version of animation. This version is prepared making use of computer sets with a dedicated team of professionals sitting over them to convert 2D version of sketches into 3D one. All the members of this team are experienced 3D animation experts with a great experience in this field. The final layout, thus prepared is sent for adding voice in it.

5. Adding the voice:-

A team of experienced voice experts is bought in use for adding voice to the characters added in a particular animation. The person who gives voice to a specific character can be a normal person or a celebrity. After adding the voice, 3D CGI animation is finally sent for review. The whole faculty sits and watches the work of animation with sound added. Suggestions for improvement are suggested and the show ends.

6. A final touch:-

Now a final touch is given to the video. The bad or rejected scenes are eliminated and new scenes are added in place of them. The numbering is added now, which serves to be the detailed description of all people included in a particular work of animation. The work of animation is then packaged in the form of disks and drives and then it just awaits a releasing date in order to be sent for sales and further distribution.


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