How to Be Certified As an FDA Auditor

How to Be Certified As an FDA Auditor


An FDA auditor or an FDA inspector is a person who investigates the complaints of illness and deaths related to food based cases. Sometimes the food is more adulterated than the specified limits. The FDA auditors also deal with such cases. They also develop new inspection procedures and plans to advise rules and regulations for FDA functioning. The one violating such rules is withheld by these officials.

How to Be Certified As an FDA Auditor

How to Be Certified As an FDA Auditor

If you wish to make a career for yourself in such a field which makes you able to fight corruption in the field of food and lets you fight with duplicacy and adulteration of food products, you can get certified as an FDA auditor following these simple tips that we are mentioning here:-

1. Complete Your Schooling:-

In order to become an FDA auditor, you should first complete your initial schooling preferably with Non-Medical, Medical or combined stream. Simply secure best academic score during this time by studying with full interest. Complete the board exams with flying colors so that you may be able to take admissions in bachelor degree program suiting the same specifications.

2. Get Bachelor’s Degree:-

The degree program for FDA auditor’s post includes a combination of biology, chemistry, nutrition, food technology, medical science, engineering, and pharmaceutical medicine in most of the areas. You can simply join one such degree course, according to the educational needs for this course according to your area as the procedure may vary from country to country.

3. Get a Diploma in Computer Applications/Programming:-

In some of the countries like U.S, you may also require to join a diploma/degree course in computer applications and programming. The education of computer programming is necessary to be taken in most of the cases.

4. Step By Step Upliftment:-

In most of the countries, you can’t directly become an FDA auditor and instead you have to grab the opportunity step by step. You have to first achieve a position of FDA food inspector who inspects the adulteration of food products for a particular firm and once you gain enough experience in this field, you can apply for upgrading your position to an FDA auditor. Some countries where government agencies take recruitment tests for this job also include you to pass an exam for the post of food inspector first and then only you can apply for the post of FDA auditor.

4. Finding a Job for Yourself:-

If you are a citizen of the USA, you should reach the website where you will find all the desired specifications and qualifications to become an FDA auditor and other such notifications related with the post. If you are a citizen of a country like India, you can look for the exams like SSC’s CGL exam and other such exams in order to secure a post for yourself in such firms. The website for SSC is .The laws, exams and courses for a recruitment procedure may differ from country to country and thus you can enquire it on local level as well.


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