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6 Steps to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary


Your first wedding anniversary is something that makes your brain start knitting new thoughts in it. Your first anniversary has got its own importance and both the lady and the groom are excited about it.
In this article we are up with some tips to celebrate your wedding anniversary some of which can be explained as follows:-

Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

How to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

1. Go To Some Restaurant :-

You can plan to party with your hubby. You can plan the night with wine and dinner, but remember to be a gentlemen, you can ask the waiter to be ready with everything. Light music of Violin will be perfect for you both or you can even plan to meet at some place where you firstly met in life. Tell the waiter to be ready with a cake specially made for your partner. Cut the cake together and celebrate your anniversary.

2. Candle Light Dinner :-

You need not go to a restaurant for this; you can manage to set whole the apparatus for candle light dinner at your home only. You just need a table, some food and few gel candles and some decorations made at your home. When your partner comes just wine and dinner together and make the moment a memorable one. Husbands can even do this task; you can even choose to make the food by yourself. Replacing your wife’s tasks for one day won’t do any harm to you.

3. Surprise Dance Night :-

You can even plan a dance night with your hubby. Just manage to get some romantic music tracks and set the apparatus is some empty room. Dance to the beat with your partner and enjoy the romance filled in the air with each step. Remember to kiss your partner affectionately after each dance.
Husbands can even take their wife in arms and dance to the beat. Sometimes kissing to the beats of music is really lovely.

4. Plan Anniversary Gift :-

To make your anniversary memorable, you should get an anniversary gift also. You can get some chocolates or some good teddy bear or some flowers for your princess. You can even choose some ornaments; make up item or apparel for her that she desired ever.

5. Throw A Party :-

If you wish to do something grand, you can even go for a grand anniversary party. You can call all of your friends, relatives of your partner and your relatives all to get mixed up and celebrate your first marriage anniversary with wine and dinner together.

6. Plan The Night (2nd Honeymoon):-

With an awesome morning, greet your partner to the most beautiful day of your life. Have dinner together and bathe, get yourself clad in the best of your looks and Decorate your bed as it had been decorated on your honeymoon. Keep two bottles of champagne near the table and toast it to your partner. Spend the night together in each other’s arms sharing affectionate kisses, telling each other that your love for each other has doubled with each day spend together.


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