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How to Celebrate Easter with Family and Friends

How to Celebrate Easter with Family and Friends


Easter is a Christian festival that means the celebration of resurrection (getting back to life after death) of Jesus Christ from the dead body that took place from the third day of his burial after the day he got crucified by the cruel Romans. The week that comes before the festival of Easter is regarded as the holy week. People organize feasts on Easter and celebrate the day by celebrating with family meals. Easter eggs are decorated and gifts are exchanged, prayers are said and decorations are made. People celebrate by dancing together and doing charity for poor people. This day is a holiday and is celebrated with a great pomp and show all over the Christian community across the globe. In this article we have come with some ways that you can perform at your house to celebrate Easter with your family.

How to Celebrate Easter with Family and Friends

How to Celebrate Easter with Family and Friends

1. Decorate The Easter Eggs:-

The main ingredient to celebrate Easter is the Easter eggs and it is the first thing that I will tell you to practice for a good celebration of it. Start by decorating Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Balloons and costumes. You can even plan for an Easter goodies hunt. The spirit of Easter is to follow the path of Jesus and live the day treating everybody with affection and care. You can wear your Easter dress and then get ready for the day.

2. You Can Even Make The Celebrations At The Church:-

In order to celebrate the Easter in a better way, You can even go to the church and look for the other people. Ask the father of the church if he needs your help or you can even help him clean the church. Look for the Easter stories in the holy book of Bible and get involved with the others who are celebrating it.

3. Make Necessary Decorations:-

If you are planning to celebrate Easter at your home, you can start by making necessary decorations for it. You can start by inflating balloons and putting up the lights and cleaning your house as well. You can even invite some guests for a feast to be served together or you can even go for a dance party as well.

4. Dance Party:-

Dance is something that is an essential to celebrate happiness in the environment. You can even organize a dance party and invite all your relatives in it. The evening of Easter will be celebrated being together with happiness this way. Rather dance brings happiness inexplicable that fills heart of everybody with joy that counts.

5. Celebrate Helping The Poor And Needy:-

Jesus told us to keep helping the poor and needy and there are many others who are not much wealthy as you are, Who can’t even enjoy the day because of their financial condition and thus you can start by helping them. Sending them some good food and clothes with Easter greetings. You can even call such people at your house party in order to celebrate with them and let them enjoy Easter with you as well. That’s what Jesus told us, To keep helping others time to time.


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